Vice President Harris underlines US backing to Paris cyber initiative

Vice President Kamala Harris has announced the US’ support for the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace, a global initiative aimed at bolstering global cybersecurity.

According to Security Week, Harris said that the US will work with France and other nations, private companies and civil society to promote responsible cyberspace behaviour.

The Paris Call was issued in 2018 and has already been signed by 79 countries. The call underlines nine key principles to bolster cyberspace stability through global collaboration, including protecting individuals and infrastructure, protecting against activity that affects internet availability and protecting intellectual property and the electoral process.

Other principles outlined in the call include preventing malware proliferation and ‘nefarious practices’, improving digital process, product and service security and strengthening an advanced cyber hygiene. The call also backs preventing non-stage actors from hacking back and promoting international norms in cyberspace.

A White House statement detailed, “This includes working with like minded countries to attribute and hold accountable States that engage in destructive, disruptive, and destabilising cyber activity.”

The US House of Representatives recently passed two bills that are focused on improving the cybersecurity protections for small businesses in the United States.

The first bill – the Small Business Administration (SBA) Cyber Awareness Act – aims to strengthen the capabilities of the SBA when it comes to handling and reporting cyber threats that impact small businesses.

The second bill – the Small Business Development Center Cyber Training Act – aims to provide small businesses with the resources required to fight cyber threats on their own and help Small Business Development Centers better assist small businesses with cybersecurity-linked issues.

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