Threat detection firm Venari Security pulls in £4.2m Series A

London-based Venari Security has raised £4.2m from a Series A funding round that included a number of high-profile cybersecurity backers.

Microsoft underlines heightened concern from call centre ransomware scheme

Microsoft has claimed a ransomware campaign employing bogus call centers to trick victims into downloading malware may be more dangerous than previously thought.

‘Shooting war’ with a major power could break out over cyberattacks, Biden reveals

President Joe Biden has claimed the US is more likely to end up in a ‘real shooting war with a major power’ due to cybercrime than any other form of conflict.

UK reports a staggering £5.7m in cybercrime financial loss so far this year, study...

British people and businesses have suffered financial losses of £5.7m from a reported 14,883 cybercrime incidents since the start of the year, a new study found. The...

FRISS collects $65m in its Series B funding round

FRISS, an AI-powered end-to-end fraud prevention and detection solutions for P&C insurers, has collected $65m in its Series B round.

Data protection is the top priority for UK banking customers

Data protection and security are of the highest importance for UK banking customers as financial services become increasingly dependent on digital interactions, according to a new study.

How advanced analytics can solve the growing problem of lending fraud

As the pandemic rages on, crime and money laundering risks continue to evolve at a rapid pace in the commercial lending space. However, firms...

AI-powered malicious content detection startup ActiveFence nets $100m, valued at over $500m

NYC and Tel Aviv, Israel-based online integrity company specializing in detecting malicious content such as hate speech, targeted disinformation campaigns, fraud, and other harmful...

The European Commission makes four proposals to revamp AML and CFT efforts

The European Commission has announced the creation of a new EU authority to fight money laundering, as part of a series of proposals to combat rising fraud threats.

UK financial institutions spend an average of £374k annually on preventing financial crime, study...

Financial crime prevention costs UK financial institutions an average of £374k every year, according to new research from global legal company, DWF.

Last year large-scale breaches increased by 300%

Find out how a risk-based approach to cybersecurity can reduce costs and increase compliance

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