How to ensure security and compliance when using tools such as Zoom, MS Teams?

Communication tools have saved the day for businesses after the Covid-19-induced lockdown. Therefore, organisations must fully understand the regulatory guidance on security and privacy...

The key regulatory challenge facing the financial industry that you should know about

Regulators are striving to strike a balance between ensuring data security and privacy, and facilitating cyber compliance. As policy-makers attempt to develop a regulatory framework for a safer digital environment, financial firms must appropriately navigate the industry’s everchanging environment.

How banks can offset their carbon emissions amid the current climate crisis

With the impending risk of climate change and its economic and financial impact, environmental sustainability has become a societal responsibility and business reality. However, financial institutions must do more to incorporate sustainability into their business strategies.

How investing in a robust policy management system can help organisations with compliance

With the ever-changing regulatory framework and the proliferation of threats, every business – irrespective of the sector it is in - needs effective and updated policies and procedures. To ensure policy management, it is key to embed the culture of compliance within the organisation.

How ramping up tech acquisitions can help financial institutions beat neobanks in the banking...

The financial services industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. For financial institutions to stay relevant and keep pace with FinTechs, they must do “whatever it takes” to beat the tech startups, including acquiring them, Aquaa Partners CEO says.

Focus on threat detection and response to help beat the clock after a cyberattack

Speed is vital during a cyberattack. The quicker a company can respond to an incident, the greater the chance to minimise the negative impact it has, according to Kroll head of EMEA cyber risk, Andrew Beckett.

How CSS is leveraging AI to keep bad actors in the digital world at...

The ubiquity of high-profile cyberattacks in the last few years have highlighted the importance of online security, and AI and machine learning (ML) might be the antidote against cybercriminals.

Why greater efficiency will help insurance firms better handle cyber threats

Cyber risk is showing no signs of stopping and the reliance on cloud-based systems makes potential ripple effects vast. It is crucial for the...

Is data the silver bullet in tackling financial crime?

As the world continues the shift to digital, getting to grips with the threat of financial crime looms large in the minds of banks. But data could be the key solution.

How will AI and automation disrupt the KYC and onboarding process for FinTech firms?

While banks have traditionally had a large workforce to complete the manual processes required for know your customer (KYC) and onboarding processes, embracing automation and modern technology is the way ahead. But where does that leave the future of RegTech?


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