How Red Oak Compliance is delivering innovative compliance technology solutions

Red Oak Compliance is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of compliance departments and the challenges they face. In an era of fast-paced regulatory requirements, the Great Resignations, and a squeeze on resources, this is invaluable.

How Quantifying Nature is mobilising the industry against climate change

The Earth has reached its tipping point. The warning signs are loud and clear and have been for decades. Quantifying Nature has set out to mobilise positive environmental change at scale by quantifying the financial risks of climate change & biodiversity loss. 

How IMTF is equipping banks and FIs with the tools they need to fight...

At IMTF, there is a strong shared belief that intelligent use of technology for compliance and digitisation can pave the way to a safer and more sustainable world.

How Know Your Customer is embracing a radically different approach to KYC and KYB

After noticing the pitfalls of traditional onboarding, Know Your Customer set out to transform the KYC and KYB process to one that was more efficient, provided a better user experience and delivered more robust compliance.
consumer duty

How can companies become more compliant with Consumer Duty?

The FCA recently introduced Consumer Duty regulation, which aims to ensure customers receive communications from financial services firms that they understand. How can firms become more compliant with it?

Charting the path to a healthier cyber insurance market

Rising cyber-attacks and continued hardening market conditions have presented the cyber insurance industry with a multitude of challenges. How has the industry fared this year?

Regnology on ESG data and reporting: challenges, Europe, and the consequences of fragmentation 

Regnology believes that ESG should be at the centre of a company’s activities, from finance to risk departments and credit ratings. A good ESG data strategy is key to this.

The Big Green Short – what is it and why should we care?

Globally, companies and assets are about to be revalued upwards or downwards according to their climate risk valuation. The stakes are high and the price of getting this valuation wrong could be disastrous, companies can no longer afford to kick climate risk down the road.

How Aveni is using NLP to revolutionise customer interaction

Founded in 2018, RegTech firm Aveni claims it is leading a new era of risk assurance by enabling 100% digitisation and automation of the quality assurance process. The firm analyses every customer interaction to drive enhanced data insights, comprehensive risk oversight and process automation.

The big regulatory developments to watch out for in H2

As 2022 continues to roll-on, there will be new challenges for companies to manage as they enter the second half of the year. What are some of the big regulatory developments to keep an eye on?

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