How is Generative AI impacting the KYC process?

Ever since its launch in November 2022, Generative AI has been the topic of discussion on everyone's lips when it comes to discussing transformational technology. In the area of KYC, could we expect Generative AI to have significant long term impacts?

How can AI transform customer onboarding?

The role of artificial intelligence is continuing to evolve within the FinTech sector. As firms get to grips with the technology's potential, many stakeholders are attempting to figure out what comes next. 

How SymphonyAI empowers financial crime investigators to become more efficient

As budgets tighten, financial services firms require more efficient ways to handle their financial crime prevention. Jason Shane, Head of Strategy & Innovation at SymphonyAI’s financial services division, explains why SymphonyAI is the perfect solution to this problem.

How IMTF seeks to be the financial industry’s partner against crime

Founded in 1987, IMTF develops best in-class RegTech solutions in the area of anti-financial crime, AML and CTF.

How Saifr is seeking to revolutionise the RegTech market

FinTech Global recently spoke to RegTech firm Saifr to get a grasp of the company's plans and how it is revolutionising the RegTech market.

How is blockchain transforming the KYC space?

When it comes to dealing with financial crime and the challenges posed by bad actors, having efficient and scalable technology is a huge must in the industry today. 

How will risk management practices evolve in the Gen AI era?

The introduction of Gen AI has changed the game in countless ways. Industries that believed they were attuned to the long-term development of their market are now left viewing a future that is certain to be uncertain – and incredibly technologically disruptive.  

How Muinmos has had a front-row seat to the RegTech revolution

As it prepares to turn 12, Danish RegTech firm Muinmos has witnessed the sector evolve rapidly since its inception. With more eyes on it than ever before, how does Muinmos look towards the future in the sector? 

The role of conduct risk in the RegTech space

Founded in 2022, Cognitive View automates consumer compliance and market conduct risk monitoring and claims to offer the first-of-its-kind integrated compliance and complaints co-pilot, aiming to reduce 70% the workload of compliance and complaint professionals.

How AI will transform transaction reporting: The RelyComply view

FinTech Global recently spoke to RegTech firm RelyComply to delve deeper into the role artificial intelligence will play in transaction reporting.

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