How Muinmos became a key global player in financial services client onboarding

Muinmos was founded back in 2012 after Remonda Kirketerp-Møllersaw a big gap in the market for making client onboarding simpler and more efficient in financial services. With a rapidly growing global client base of banks, investment firms and asset managers, the company is emerging as a major player in key global markets.

Quantifind’s new COO warns firms of the three rising elements of financial crime

Quantifind has had a busy year forming new partnerships and launching new tools. Its latest deal has seen it team up with Polaris to help tackle and...

How Zeidler Group has become the one-stop-shop for legal advice for asset managers

Asset managers rarely operate in one jurisdiction, but there are few legal firms that can easily enable them to sell their investment funds in multiple jurisdictions, according to Zeidler Group founder and CEO Arne Zeidler.

IDmission is reducing the stress of customer onboarding

As customers expect an increasingly digital service, banks are faced with the challenge of safely onboarding new clients remotely. That is where IDmission’s digital identity verification tools come in.

How Zeidler Group’s new CFO is driving its push with data-powered legal services

Asset managers typically have to use multiple law firms to handle their compliance processes, with expensive and laborious processes; however, Zeidler Group is leveraging data and technology to resolve this issue.

How ethical hackers can help FinTech companies fight cybercrime

The threat from cybercrime has never been greater. As a result, corporations and governments are increasingly turning to hackers for help with the promise of cash rewards known as bug bounties. And experts suggest that it’s the best way to boost cybersecurity.

How eflow took the 2008 financial crash to reposition itself to become a RegTech...

There are few companies to have gone through two foundations, but a shift in core business focus following the financial crisis helped eflow Global become a pioneer in RegTech.

How communication compliance has become the biggest hurdle for financial firms

With workforces becoming increasingly dispersed, methods of communication have escalated, making security compliance a key challenge for firms. The Covid-19 crisis has prompted radical shifts...

Striking a balance between compliance and customer experience during client onboarding

The onboarding process requires financial institutions comply with increasing global and regionally specific regulations while also delivering an enhanced customer experience. As a result, they must embrace modern technologies to streamline the KYC process and stay competitive.

Are changing regulations a threat for WealthTech firms?

Wealth management institutions have been dealing with greater complexity in areas of compliance and regulation. As the number of jurisdictions increases, so does potential liability and, as a result, global companies must embrace digitalisation to stay clear of legal hot waters.

Over 90% of organizations use 6+ collab platforms, but 83% are turning off functionality due to compliance constraints

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