Singapore’s financial sector set for green transformation with new S$35m fund

The MAS has joined forces with the IBF and WSG to introduce an initiative aimed at revolutionising the financial sector's sustainability approach.

From manual to machine: The transformation of KYC through Generative AI

Generative AI has become a global sensation, transforming industries with its versatility in content creation, translation, coding, and even education.

Miggo Security’s innovative ADR platform attracts $7.5m seed investment

Miggo Security, an Israeli cybersecurity firm, today unveiled a successful seed funding round, raising $7.5m.

Berenberg partners with Kaizen to enhance EU and UK MiFIR transaction reporting

Berenberg, one of Europe’s leading privately owned banks, has partnered with Kaizen, a top RegTech firm, to streamline its regulatory reporting processes.

How Singapore is redefining AML compliance through innovative collaborations

As financial crimes evolve with increasing complexity, the urgency for an integrated approach to AML compliance and investigations is more apparent than ever.

BeyondTrust acquires Entitle to revolutionise privileged identity security

BeyondTrust, an intelligent identity and access security firm, has announced its acquisition of Entitle, a provider of privilege management solutions.

Is gender diversity on UK FinTech boards falling short?

A newly published report by EY and Innovate Finance, titled Setting the pace or keeping up – are FinTech boards future-fit?, offers a crucial examination of the state of UK FinTech boards.

Moody’s reveals high risk of financial crime through mass shell company registrations

Moody’s latest research has identified alarming patterns of mass registrations of shell companies, signalling heightened risks of financial crime across various global locations.

NightVision’s fresh $5.4m injection to fortify app security testing

NightVision, a startup entrenched in the application security testing industry, announced on Monday that it has successfully raised $5.4m in seed funding.

How to upgrade your transaction monitoring for better security and efficiency

Transaction monitoring involves the vigilant oversight of financial flows within a business to identify and mitigate any suspicious activities that could indicate money laundering or other illegal transactions.

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