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Tag: Cybersecurity

US recoups $15m from advertising fraud scheme

Authorities in the US have revealed they have retrieved more than $15m in illicit proceeds derived from an advertising fraud scheme known as ‘3ve’.

Cyscale said to close €3m seed funding round

Cyscale, which provides complete cloud visibility, has reportedly raised €3m in its seed funding round, which was led by Notion Capital.

Are banks safe in a government-backed cyberwar?

In a period when tensions are heating up globally, the threats of war are becoming clearer, with a potential cyberwar still highly likely. In a cyberwar that is supported and, to an extent, headed by governments – would banks be safe?

US regulator suggests $1m fine for Colonial Pipeline due to cyber...

The US Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has called on the Colonial Pipeline to receive a $1m fine.

Email security unicorn Abnormal hits $4bn valuation

Email security company Abnormal Security has reached a $4bn valuation in just four years, following the close of its $210m Series C round.

Cyber risk management solution dev KYND launches Ready for Brokers service

KYND, a cyber risk management solution developer, has released its industry-first KYND Ready for Brokers service.

US offers $15m bounty to track down Conti ransomware group leaders

The US government has revealed it is willing to put a total of $15m to track down the leaders of the Conti ransomware gang.

BaFin warns of looming cyberattack risk for financial sector

German financial regulator BaFin has warned the industry of the ‘very big’ risk of cyberattacks that could target the financial sector.

CyberTech company Tailscale scores $100m in its Series B

Tailscale, a corporate VPN that helps remote teams securely access services they need, has netted $100m in its Series B funding round, which was...

Sentry hits $3bn valuation after $90m Series E

Sentry, a developer-first application monitoring solution, has scored $90m for its Series E round, which puts its valuation at $3bn.

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