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Drenan Dudley steps into acting National Cyber Director role

Drenan Dudley, previously serving as deputy national cyber director for strategy and budget at the ONCD, has been appointed as the acting head of the office.

Using tech to modernise AML in the US

Modernising anti-money laundering techniques has become a key aim of businesses around the world. How has this been happening in the US?

President Biden champions AI safeguards with executive order

President Joe Biden is poised to sign an executive order necessitating the development of safety and security standards and ushering in new consumer protections for AI.

US banks to face tighter online lending scrutiny under updated regulations

Regulators in the US are set to tighten the screws on banks regarding which communities they serve through online lending.

How Sybrin aims to revolutionise the US identity verification market

Founded in 1991, Sybrin has grown considerably over the past two decades to become a leading global technology company in the provision of payment and information processing solutions. Now the company is set to enter the US market – and has the identity verification market in its sights.

CISA rolls out cyber awareness program in light of high-profile cyberattacks

The US-based CISA has launched a notable campaign targeted towards enhancing online safety for Americans.

US, Israel team to boost critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Government bodies from Israel and the US are spearheading a notable $4m investment in the cybersecurity sector.

White House calls attention to harmful data broker practices

In a move to address concerns over personal data privacy, the White House will host a roundtable focusing on the negative practices of data brokers.

White House unveils $18.5m challenge to bolster AI against cyber threats

In a bid to advance the cyber landscape, the White House has initiated an ambitious competition offering $18.5m in prize money.

CISA charts forward: A 3-year plan to reinvent cybersecurity in the...

The US CISA has pulled the curtains off its Cybersecurity Strategic Plan for the financial years spanning 2024 to 2026.

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