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Tag: Fraud

PwC UK links with Clearspeed to revolutionise fraud risk assessments

PwC UK, a global network providing assurance, advisory, and tax services, has announced its partnership with Clearspeed.

Over a third of UK emerging financial firms report money laundering...

In a shocking revelation, a recent survey has highlighted that 36% of firms in the emerging financial sectors of the UK have fallen prey to either money laundering or financial crime in the last half year. The banking sector has been particularly hard-hit, emerging as the most affected sector.

How to stay ahead of fraud and financial crime

With financial crime and fraud consistently evolving and changing, there is the regular need for the financial industry to keep pace with it.

PSR advances fight against APP fraud with new consultations

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) is progressing in its fight against APP fraud by introducing two consultations. 

Visa UK introduce new measures to protect businesses from ‘friendly fraud’ 

Visa UK has revealed a litany of new measures designed to protect small businesses and combat ‘friendly fraud’. 

Rising tide of fraud: UK losses surge to £593m in Q2...

In Q2 of 2023, the UK saw a rise in fraudulent activity with a loss of £593m, pushing the total stolen cash in the past year to almost £3.5bn.

Transforming finance with dynamic risk assessments

Unlocking the potential for commercial success, dynamic financial crime risk assessments offer a multitude of benefits for financial institutions. Acuminor, a RegTech company explained...

CBA takes a stand against cryptocurrency scams

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, the risk of scams targeting investors has grown. In response, Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has launched new safety measures aimed at safeguarding its customers. The bank will now impose restrictions, delays, and limits on certain payments to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Australians warned by NAB about soaring scams in online sales platforms

New NAB data indicates a worrying trend among Australians selling second-hand items on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

The Future of Financial Crime Prevention: Understanding FRAML

The concept of FRAML, the integration of Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), is radically altering the outlook of risk management and compliance in the financial sector. A recent webinar, led by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) and sponsored by Hawk AI, engaged a panel of Fraud and AML professionals to dissect the benefits and hurdles of FRAML.

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