PwC UK links with Clearspeed to revolutionise fraud risk assessments


PwC UK, a global network providing assurance, advisory, and tax services, has announced its partnership with Clearspeed.

This collaboration has been initiated to furnish PwC UK’s clientele with enhanced customer experience by expediting their claim or application processes. Moreover, the alliance seeks to efficiently counteract fraud risks across operations, highlighting PwC’s ongoing commitment to leverage groundbreaking technologies to confront pressing business and societal issues, with fraud standing out prominently.

Clearspeed Inc. shines with its groundbreaking voice-based technology that offers a precise and impartial risk evaluation. By proposing straightforward questions, Clearspeed’s AI-powered platform discerns vocal patterns linked with potential risks in real-time responses. On the other hand, PwC UK, with its global presence, assists businesses with advisory, assurance, and taxation solutions.

This partnership will witness PwC UK endorsing organisations across sectors like insurance, banking, and the public domain to handle large-scale customer interactions effectively, especially where fraud threats loom large.

The alliance underscores PwC UK’s dedication to incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, aiming to address significant business and societal hurdles.

The rise of fraud, which now constitutes over 40% of all crimes reported in the UK, has been a growing concern across various economic sectors. The UK Government’s new Fraud Strategy accentuates a rejuvenated emphasis on combating scams, introducing a National Fraud Squad, and holding fraudsters accountable.

PwC UK Partner Harry Holdstock said, “Fraud is increasingly a major concern across all parts of the economy and society, and now accounts for over 40% of all reported crimes in the UK. We were pleased to see the recent launch of the UK Government’s new Fraud Strategy, which places a renewed focus on tackling scams and bringing fraudsters to justice and commits to investing in the launch of a National Fraud Squad.

“In this context, finding and deploying new methods and approaches to stopping fraud while continuing to meet the service expectations of customers is essential. I’m really excited we will be working with Clearspeed as we seek to help our clients enhance the experience of their customers and up the ante in the fight against fraud.”

Clearspeed CEO Alex Martin said, “We are really enthusiastic about our alliance with PwC UK and its potential to address issues of fraud across multiple industries – insurance, financial services, government, immigration, sports integrity. With the rising cost of living and the digital transformation of the economy, fraud rates have increased and approaches have evolved, presenting a difficult challenge to traditional technologies for fraud detection.

“By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and next-gen voice analytics, we will revolutionise risk assessment together, empowering businesses to stay ahead of emerging threats and safeguard their operations and their customers, building trust faster in an increasingly complex landscape.”

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