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Queen’s Speech outlines new protections to fraud victims

As part of the Queen’s Speech at the UK’s opening of parliament, a new Financial Services and Markets Bill was announced with new fraud protections for consumers.

Mining Capital Coin’s CEO charged for alleged $62m fraud scheme

An indictment was unsealed that charges Mining Capital Coin’s CEO for allegedly orchestrating a $62m global investment fraud scheme.

Over 90% of European FinTechs to use AI-risk decisioning to beat...

Over 90% of European FinTech companies plan to adopt AI-enabled risk decisioning to combat fraud, according to a study by risk decisioning software developer Provenir.

NICE Actimize launches tools for compliance

NICE Actimize has launched its X-Sight Entity Risk SaaS solution, which produces a single risk score that enables a financial institution to get a deeper understanding of clients.

Ad fraud loss to reach $68bn in 2022

The value of digital advertising spend lost to fraud is expected to reach $68bn globally this year, a report from Juniper Research claims.

SEC charges former Infinity Q Capital CIO with fraud claims

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged James Velissaris, the former founder and chief investment officer of Infinity Q Capital Management, with overvaluing assets by more than $1bn while pocketing tens of millions of dollars in fees.

SMB lending fraud rises in US – LexisNexis study reveals

Small and midsize business (SMB) lending fraud has increased by 6.9% in the US since 2020, according to a new report from LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

How to detangle the spiders web of threat detection

When monitoring transactions, the huge amount of data being directed at companies can sometimes become too much. With such a high level of data coming at these businesses, this can lead the data to become tangled and hard to break down in a more simple, readable way.

67% UK adults expect banks to foot the bill of fraud

Two-thirds of UK adults expect their bank to pay the bill in its entirety if they were the victim of fraud, regardless of the amount lost, a report from Akamai Technologies has found.

Consumers warned of rising fraud levels during Black Friday and Christmas

Experian has warned consumers and businesses to be cautious this Black Friday and Christmas as a surge in fraudulent activity is expected. Its research found...

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