Three cybersecurity challenges in 2021

While 2020 proved to be a transformative year for cybersecurity, 2021 is also full of challenges for digital defence experts to overcome.

A new report from cybersecurity company Keyavi estimates that there are three threats and challenges industry experts must be aware of.

The first challenge will be to continue to secure the digital defences for remote workers, the researchers noted. Covid-19 has accelerated the trend for people to work remotely. To ensure that they can do so safely without compromising the company’s security, organisations must secure email gateways, web gateways and endpoints.

The second threat identified by Keyavi was nation-state threat actors in China, Russia, North Korea and Iran as they have seemingly upped the number of attacks.

While artificial intelligence and machine learning have become commonplace among most companies these days, they are also increasingly becoming a threat as cybercriminals leverage the technology for scams, malware attacks and fraud.

“With remote workers stretching the limits of their organizations’ boundary-less network perimeters and bolder nation-state attacks to steal high-value data, the risks of a serious data breach have never been greater,” said T.J. Minichillo, chief information security officer (CISO) and VP of cyber threat and intelligence at Keyavi.

“The best defence? Shrinking a company’s attack surface, empowering data to protect itself wherever it travels and arming cybersecurity teams with deep data visibility and control to never lose sight of their organisation’s crown jewels.”

The report comes on the back of a growing number of hack attacks pushed companies and governments to rethink their cybersecurity strategies in 2020.

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