Texas-based Keep Aware secures $2.4m for next-level browser security

Keep Aware

Keep Aware, a company that aims to shield web browsers from potential hacker threat, has successfully raised $2.4m in a seed funding round.

The $2.4m funding was led by LiveOak Venture Partners. Joining the round were Runtime Ventures and several esteemed angel investors within the cybersecurity industry, all of whom now hold equity stakes in Keep Aware.

Operating from Austin, Keep Aware has been developing an innovative browser security platform with a human-centric approach. The platform’s main goal is to provide comprehensive protection against various browser-based threats such as credential phishing, email spoofing, social engineering, and malicious extensions. The company’s unique proposition is their mechanism which integrates security directly into the user interface, thus responding to the uncertainty within the online risk landscape.

Keep Aware has devised a system that involves both the employee and the security team whenever a threat is detected. By assessing intent and raising alarms for suspicious or dangerous actions, the company aims to effectively deal with any potential risks. Moreover, Keep Aware’s technology can be deployed directly to industry-standard browsers, providing a seamless integration into an employee’s existing workflow.

The funds from this round will be employed to expedite product development and establish solid go-to-market strategies. The company’s main focus will be to provide robust protection against threats such as username and password theft, social engineering, and malicious extensions. In addition, they plan to offer tools to aid in behaviour-based risk identification, automate investigations, and ensure thorough logging for auditing and compliance purposes.

Keep Aware, through its innovative browser security platform, is making significant strides in the FinTech cybersecurity landscape. The venture has showcased promising potential with its human-centric approach, driving forward a new way of navigating the often complex and challenging digital security environment.

Keep Aware’s vision was emphasised by an unnamed spokesperson from the firm who said, “We embed security directly into the user interface and operate in the considerable grey area where, without context, the risk level of any specific activity may be unclear. When a threat is detected, Keep Aware immediately involves both the employee and security team in its resolution by assessing intent and alerting them to suspicious and dangerous actions.”

As of now, there are no other previous investments mentioned for Keep Aware, marking this $2.4m funding round as a significant step in their journey.

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