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SolarWinds hack attack likely compromised thousands of companies’ data

Thousand of customers may have had their data compromised in the SolarWind hack attack that's come to light over the past few days.

Twitter hires new CISO after bitcoin hack

Twitter suffered an embarrassing hack attack in July that saw scammers compromise several high-profile accounts in a cryptocurrency scheme. Now the social media network has hired a new chief information security officer.

Nine out of ten IT professionals have been breached

New research reveals that 94% of IT professionals have seen their digital infrastructures hacked by outsiders or had their own co-workers compromise data.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb found partially liable in data leak

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has been found partially liable for a data leak in 2017 that cost a customer over $27,200.

Fourth person investigated in Twitter bitcoin hack is only 16

A fourth suspect is reportedly being investigated in relation to the massive July Twitter hack that involved a huge bitcoin scam.

Experian exposed the consumer data of 24 million South Africans in...

Credit scoring and comparison company Experian may have exposed the private data of 24 million South African customers and 800,000 companies in a cybersecurity breach.

Data managers fear their cybersecurity is not as strong as their...

Most executives believe their cybersecurity is up to snuff, but their data managers are not as certain, according to new research from Exonar.

Mobile app flaws could leave half of mobile banks at risk...

Over half of bank mobile apps could leave companies and their clients exposed to fraud, according to a new report.

Trend Micro to boost Kazakhstan’s government’s cybersecurity through new deal with...

A new deal will see Japanese cybersecurity company Trend Micro will support a Kazakhstan government initiative known as the Concept of Cyber Security or Kazakhstan Cyber Shield.

30 million payment cards could have been compromised in Wawa breach

Wawa revealed in December that payment data on the customers who visited the US retailer’s 850 locations could have been compromised in a hack.

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