Revolutionary fraud defense: DataVisor unveils its AI co-pilot solution


DataVisor, renowned as the globe’s top AI-driven fraud and risk platform, has stepped into the spotlight once again.

In a bid to dramatically boost the fraud detection rate, DataVisor launched AI Co-Pilot, offering a solution that outperforms traditional approaches by being twenty times swifter and far more precise.

With an esteemed reputation, DataVisor offers the most comprehensive fraud and financial crime prevention solutions, harnessing the power of advanced AI and cutting-edge machine learning. The company’s mission revolves around preemptively warding off attacks by identifying rapidly changing fraudulent patterns in real-time. Their adaptable, data-centric method ensures that businesses stay protected in the constantly shifting digital environment.

AI Co-Pilot, DataVisor’s latest innovation, magnifies a financial institution’s prowess in fraud detection. By minimising false positives and streamlining the user experience, the technology guarantees real-time efficiency. In light of FedNow’s recent debut and the ongoing growth of instant payment mechanisms, AI Co-Pilot emerges as a quintessential tool, arming financial institutions to fully exploit these instantaneous payment opportunities, while deftly navigating the associated challenges.

“Innovation in payments and banking demands continued innovation in fraud prevention,” DataVisor CEO Yinglian Xie said, “Built on groundbreaking Generative AI technology, DataVisor’s AI Co-Pilot gives financial institutions better intelligence and automation for more effective fraud detection and prevention. This innovative solution is more accurate, reacts to fraud trends much faster, and improves user experiences and customer support. At the same time, it considerably reduces the need for analyst resources. This advancement signifies a pivotal step towards enhanced security and efficiency across the industry.”

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