Microsoft taps into ZealiD’s eSignature expertise for enhanced employee onboarding

Microsoft taps into ZealiD’s eSignature expertise for enhanced employee onboarding

London-based ZealiD, a prominent EU digital identity and qualified trust service provider, has joined hands with tech giant, Microsoft.

The collaboration aims to equip Microsoft’s Human Resources teams with advanced eIDAS compliant electronic certificates and signatures, all enabled through ZealiD’s cutting-edge eSignature services. This venture will also feature the technological prowess of the Adobe Acrobat Sign Platform.

The core objective of this partnership is to facilitate Microsoft in securely and efficiently digitally signing employee contracts and other sensitive HR documents across Europe. This initiative is a response to the challenges posed by managing physical signatures for employees dispersed across different locations.

ZealiD stands as a vanguard in the realm of digital identity, providing solutions that allow users with valid government identity documents to remotely generate an EU identity known as a qualified certificate.

This certificate then permits the generation of eSignatures that align with the Qualified eSignature (QES) standard – the pinnacle of eSignature standards under EU regulations. Microsoft, on the other hand, is a global tech behemoth, constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance and streamline its internal and external operations.

This collaborative effort between Microsoft, Adobe, and ZealiD will ensure that HR processes maintain the utmost integrity and standardisation across various European nations. It is expected that the integration of ZealiD’s solution with Microsoft’s existing systems will simplify the verification of signers’ identities.

ZealiD’s app stands as a testament to technological innovation. With it, users can sign documents digitally, mirroring the traditional pen-and-paper approach. Once a document is uploaded onto the Adobe Acrobat Sign Platform, it’s merely a matter of reviewing the content, scanning the corresponding QR code via the ZealiD app, and authenticating the signature using either Face or Touch ID.

ZealiD CEO Philip Hallenborg remarked: “At the heart of all enterprises are the employees. Their relationship to their employer needs to be carefully safeguarded from a compliance, information security and privacy standpoint. Leveraging EU legal identity (eIDAS regulation) and qualified certificates and signatures for all things HR is the future. There is an adoption wave approaching for using legal identification to power HR relationships, and it is approaching fast.”

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