Signicat is the first to offer SPID for seamless European digital identity

Signicat is the first to offer SPID for seamless European digital identity

Signicat, a dominant figure in the European Digital Identity sector, recently made a significant move by incorporating the Italian e-identity system, SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale), into their electronic identity range.

This strategic step makes Signicat the premier international aggregator to showcase SPID. The integration empowers businesses and governmental bodies across Europe to effortlessly connect with the vast SPID user base, catering to tasks like customer initiation and identity validation. The rising popularity of SPID is evident with a striking 35m Italians already adopting it.

Signicat CEO Asger Hattel conveyed, “We are proud to be the first, and currently only, company outside Italy to offer digital identity verification through SPID. As the European leader in Digital Identity services, we are always looking to stay one step ahead and offer the latest technological advances through the best and most seamless user experience and the highest level of compliance required.”

Adding SPID, which aligns with eIDAS standards, to Signicat’s comprehensive electronic identity range is indeed a monumental breakthrough. This enables European businesses across various sectors to introduce SPID within their Italian onboarding experiences or as a trusted identity verification method already embraced by 35m Italians.

Such advancements signify that any Italian can employ SPID for a multitude of services. Whether it’s inaugurating bank accounts, car rentals, or finalising mortgages, it becomes feasible when they opt for Signicat as their prime Identity hub. This integration aids in bridging the gap between European citizens and businesses, fostering a heightened degree of mutual interaction and commitment.

Signicat’s dedication to electronic identity isn’t limited to SPID. Presently, the firm supports over 30 electronic IDs via its Digital Identity Platform. This facilitates fluid electronic engagements between businesses, governmental entities, and their consumer base.

This holistic strategy is in tune with the European Commission’s aspiration, the European Digital Wallet initiative, striving to usher Europe closer to a harmonised digital identity environment. Signicat’s active role in the EU Digital Identity Wallet Large Scale Pilots (LSP) reinforces its commitment to pioneering innovation and progress within this domain.

In a rapidly changing digital world, Signicat stays ahead by spearheading electronic identity transformation across Europe. The integration of SPID into their suite affirms their position in offering unrivalled digital identity verification. This paves the way for businesses and public administrations to navigate towards a future laden with heightened efficiency and superior user engagement.

Signicat is a trailblazing pan-European digital identity entity, holding an unparalleled reputation in the global digital identity arena. Their Digital Identity Platform boasts an expansive array of identity proofing and authentication mechanisms, all accessible via a singular integration avenue.

This platform caters to the entirety of the identity journey – from identification and initiation to finalising resilient business agreements. Founded in 2006, the reputable European private equity investor, Nordic Capital, acquired Signicat in 2019. The firm’s headquarters are located in Trondheim, Norway.

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