K2 Cyber Security launches services, alongside $6m seed close

K2 Cyber Security has launched its cloud workload security platform, alongside the close of a $6m seed round.

The equity round was supplied by GreatPoint Ventures and Embark Ventures.

Founded in 2017, K2 has revealed the general availability of its security platform which offers comprehensive protection for hybrid cloud environments. K2’s Optimized Control Flow Integrity (CFI) solution ensures an application only does what it is designed to do, enabling real-time attack detection with no false positives, regardless of an app’s patch status, the company claims.

The platform is made up of two modules, K2 Prevent and K2 Segment, which protect cloud apps and infrastructure.

K2 Prevent delivers real-time attack detection by enforcing the correct execution of applications. If anything attempts to violate its control flow, it is flagged as an attack and dealt with. This enables K2 to uncover any type of attack, whether it is known or unknown.

Its K2 Segment solution guarantees the correct isolation of workloads, secures data in motion and prevents lateral movements of threats within hybrid cloud environments. The solution applies a unique method for dynamic workload micro-segmentation which assigns strong, unique cryptographic identities to workloads which authenticate each other before commencing communication.

K2 Cyber Security CEO and co-founder Pravin Madhani said, “As organizations move to the cloud, workloads and application infrastructure become critical attack surfaces for CISOs to contend with.

“Our deterministic approach substantially lowers the cost of defense – no more false alarms or days spent on forensic analysis. Our approach to segmentation shifts traditional network security controls up to the application layer, providing SOC teams with greater flexibility when protecting and moving applications across hybrid cloud environments. We’re confident our approach to preventing attacks will finally give organizations the upper hand against attackers.”

Last year, GreatPoint participated in the $14.75m funding round of Spring Labs, a blockchain-based network designed to help lenders, banks and data providers exchange data between one another.


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