ID-Pal to aid Keystone Talent Bank with right to work checks

ID-Pal to aid Keystone Talent Bank with right to work checks

Keystone Talent Bank has teamed up with global identity verification provider ID-Pal to offer real-time digital right to work checks.

This deal sees ID-Pal integrated within Talent Bank, allowing users to conduct checks in line with the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework.

Through its technology, ID-Pal will enable Keystone to comply with Home Office guidelines, whilst performing right to work checks. ID-Pal also supports efficient onboarding for all student, temporary and payrolled workers through a branded use-facing app, as well as enable easy remediation and updating of documentation in line with current legislation.

ID-Pal offers businesses a way to verify the identity of an individual as part of right-to-work checks. Through a combination of biometric, document and database checks to verify identities in real-time, its platform boasts automated decisioning and smart workflows.

Keystone offers a tool suite for sourcing, hiring, managing, compliance and payment of employees, contractors and contingent workers. Its platform streamlines the recruitment and payroll process for universities, whilst providing a digital employability hub for students and graduates.

ID-Pal enterprise sales manager Mark O’Hara said, “With an out-of-the-box solution like ID-Pal, anyone can be onboarded remotely or in person, in seconds. The solution offers a reminder function (via email or SMS), removing the allocation of resources to follow-up. Users of Keystone Talent Bank benefit from a branded experience to securely capture additional documents all within a single workflow.”

Keystone Talent Bank managing director Malcom Paice added, “We chose to work with ID-Pal at exactly the right time. They have already built the solution we need. Adoption of ID-Pal has been frictionless and it has been easy to communicate what was changing and how the improved process would work.”

Another recent partnership from ID-Pal was with Keystone Property Finance, a buy-to-let lender. Its agreement sees Keystone leverage ID-Pal’s multi-layered identity verification solution to verify identities and addresses through a secure, branded client-facing app.

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