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What are KYC and pKYC?

While ensuring strong KYC practices for companies has been a cornerstone of industry for many years now, the arrival of pKYC is changing the game. What is the difference between the two?

Goji powers Apex tool to help manage investor lifecycle

Goji, which offers investors with access to alternative investments, has partnered with Apex Group to enable clients to manage all stages of the investor lifecycle.
Digital images and selfies no longer KYC/AML compliant

Digital images and selfies no longer KYC/AML compliant

Digital images and selfies have been a staple for online verification for many years. However, Electronic IDentification has warned that they are no longer KYC/AML compliant.

Most firms see their KYC processes as mediocre at best

The majority of organisations see the digital sophistication of their KYC approach as mediocre or poor, according to new research from Moody’s Analytics.

Digital ID verification developers OCR Labs Global, Synectics Solutions partner

Digital ID verification company OCR Labs Global has partnered with Synectics Solutions, the creator of the digital identity verification solution SynID.
What are the main options for digital authentication services

What are the main options for digital authentication services

As more firms look to implement new digital authentication technologies, there are a few options to pick from. Electronic IDentification has released a report exploring biometrics and e-signing as standards.

Sigma Ratings launches ongoing KYB and KYC tool

Sigma Ratings, a developer of automated relationship risk management, has released its ongoing KYB and KYC monitoring solution.

Why crypto KYC is of rising importance

As governments try to make cryptocurrencies secure and safe, there are waves of new regulations being implemented for digital assets.

How KYC processes differ internationally

With the world becoming ever more digitalised, the need for strong KYC and AML practices has never been more important. How do they differ internationally?

Fenergo releases new perpetual KYC solution

Fenergo, which offers KYC and client lifecycle management solutions, has released a new perpetual KYC solution to streamline periodic review processes.

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