How to ensure security with collaboration software


Hybrid work has split teams across multiple locations, but teamwork and collaboration are still the core of any organisation. The speed information can be shared across an organisation can make or break the company.

Technology has made the process of sharing information much simpler. Gone are the days of photocopying and mail. Instead, firms can send emails, share files, store documents on the cloud and more.  Then there are even tools like MyDocSafe that provide controls over who can see data and can attach signatures.

MyDocSafe has released a report outlining how to pick the best document security software. First of all, it outlined some of the benefits of the technology.

It stated that online file management and sharing allows companies to reduce admin costs. Configurable workflows and customisable client portals ensure better relations and remove the need to invest in custom portals, managed workflows and other related infrastructure.

 Next, it stated that these sharing tools allow for smooth collaboration, improved client onboarding and management, secure storage and receipt of signatures and more. It added, “Seamless collaboration and sharing files are important tools for businesses to work together efficiently. With the ability to access and share files quickly and securely, teams can work together more effectively. Seamless collaboration and file sharing platforms allow users to access and store their data in the cloud, enabling them to collaborate in real-time with other users.”

How to ensure security

 One of the benefits of file sharing platforms is their ability to offer greater security and protection to data. Many of the platforms offer encryption, authentication protocols and access controls to ensure data is only accessed by the right people.

 MyDocSafe offered some pieces of advice on how to ensure files are protected by their chosen provider. The first thing to do is to understand what encryption is used, such as the protocols and the encryption methods.

Next, firms should ask for the security certification. It stated that getting third-party data security certification is hard as it forces companies to rethink and document their processes, ensure risks are identified and managed and the overall security ethos is constantly monitored and improved. While it is tough, it is great to have.

The RegTech company explained that firms should commission periodic penetration tests. In addition to this, it is important to ensure the file sharing service is regularly updated to protect against security flaws that might be discovered, it said.

Finally, MyDocSafe said firms should manage access rules carefully. While file sharing between companies and clients is very helpful, firms need to ensure no unauthorised players can get access to the data.

It concluded, “These are just some of the benefits of online file sharing, signatures, workflows and collaboration. Ultimately, it levels the playing field for large and small enterprises and allows them to be more competitive.

“MyDocSafe is the best solution for small to medium firms to gain access to better onboarding. Our award-winning platform is built with the latest technology to give you an unparalleled experience. Whether you need to improve workflows, document signature management or client onboarding, customizable workflows and client portals are tools you need to take your business to the next level.”

Read the full report here.

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