HoundDog.ai raises $3.1m to enhance AI-driven data security and privacy compliance

HoundDog.ai raises $3.1m to enhance AI-driven data security and privacy compliance

HoundDog.ai, the company implementing data security and privacy controls at the code level, has completed a $3.1m seed round.

The funding was led by E14, Mozilla Ventures, and ex/ante, with additional participation from angel investors.

HoundDog.ai focuses on integrating data security and privacy controls directly into the code development process. Its AI-powered code scanner detects vulnerabilities that traditional SAST scanners may miss, particularly those that expose sensitive data in plaintext across various mediums such as logs, files, tokens, cookies, or third-party systems. This proactive approach helps organisations stay ahead of potential threats and reduces the financial and operational costs of addressing vulnerabilities discovered after production.

The newly acquired funds will be used to enhance the HoundDog.ai cloud platform. This platform provides a consolidated view of vulnerabilities across all code repositories and automatically sends actionable security notifications to tools like Jira and Slack. It supports various programming languages, including Python, TypeScript, and JavaScript, in addition to existing support for Java, C#, SQL, GraphQL, and OpenAPI.

HoundDog.ai also tracks and visualises the flow of sensitive data in real-time, documenting processing activities and alerting users when new data elements are introduced. This facilitates the generation of Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) and other privacy-related reports, eliminating manual and error-prone processes.

Amjad Afanah, founder and CEO of HoundDog.ai, said, “Most companies detect sensitive data leaks through logs, files or third-party systems when it’s too late, after damage has occurred.

“Additionally, documenting data flows for GDPR compliance proves to be a manual, error-prone process that often fails to accurately reflect the reality of constantly changing codebases. With HoundDog.ai, companies can take a proactive stance in ensuring their sensitive data is protected and eliminate costly, reactive and error-prone processes for privacy compliance.”

Habib Haddad, managing director at E14 Fund, expressed confidence in HoundDog.ai’s potential, saying, “Investors and Customers Offer Insights on HoundDog.ai*
“Business models built around adding AI to existing products are hamstrung from the outset.

“We’re looking for the entrepreneurs and products that are using AI to unlock value in ways that go far beyond incremental improvements to existing offerings, and that’s what HoundDog.ai has done. Amjad and his team have incorporated AI to dramatically reduce privacy compliance costs and simplify the proactive detection of sensitive data exposure with an efficient, frictionless code scanner. They’re fulfilling a true need in a market ripe with growth potential.”

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