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Generative AI: A blessing or a curse for business efficiency?

Saifr, a RegTech company, recently took the time to question whether Generative AI will end up making business more or less efficient.

Tackling compliance complexity – how AI is changing the game for...

The latest research by GRC 20/20 delves into the role of AI in reshaping regulatory compliance within the financial services sector.

FinTech takes the lead in AI integration for risk and compliance

A new study by Moody's Analytics presents groundbreaking findings in the field of AI adoption within various financial sectors.

Practical uses of AI & ML in the fight against financial...

As the fight to prevent and tackle financial crime hots up, the need for new and expansive technologies becomes just as important.

Lynx gets its paws on €17m in Series A led by...

Lynx, which focuses on detecting and preventing fraud and financial crimes, has closed its Series A funding round on €17m.

Revolutionizing digital onboarding: AI’s role in saving banks $900m by 2028

A new report from Juniper Research, a leader in FinTech and payment market analysis, has found that by 2028 the application of AI in identity verification will dramatically reduce the average digital onboarding check time from over 11 minutes in 2023 to under 8 minutes.

Balancing AI and human insight: The growing importance of human in...

Saifr recently dug deeper into the topic of human-in-the-loop and why it is continuing to gain prominence and importance.

Navigating the Maze: How AI is Transforming Financial Compliance

In the dynamic realm of financial services regulatory compliance, technology isn't just a facilitator—it's a game-changer. The latest industry analysis from GRC 20/20 delves into the transformative effects of AI on financial services compliance, marking a revolutionary departure from traditional practices.

Seven pillars of ethical AI: Steering FinTech innovation responsibly

Saifr, a RegTech firm, recently took the time to outline what it sees as the seven elements of ethical AI.

Myrror Security seals $6m in seed funding to tackle software supply...

Myrror Security, a trailblazer in the realm of DevSecOps, has announced a successful emergence from stealth with a substantial seed investment.

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