Entro, the revolutionary cybersecurity platform, secures $6m in seed funding

Entro, the revolutionary cybersecurity platform, secures $6m in seed funding

Entro, a cybersecurity firm hailing from Israel that specialises in secrets security and management, has just announced the successful completion of its seed funding round.

Founded by CEO Itzik Alvas and CTO Adam Cheriki, Entro is a novel player in the cybersecurity arena, addressing a growing threat in the digital landscape – secret-based breaches.

The company successfully raised $6m, with the round led by StageOne Ventures and Hyperwise Ventures. It also drew the interest of angel investors Rakesh Loonkar, Mickey Boodaei, and Amichai Shulman, all well-respected figures in the cybersecurity domain.

Entro operates with a clear mission: to monitor and protect machine authentication credentials, known as secrets, and programmatic access to cloud services and data. These secrets often come in the form of programmatic access keys, such as API keys or access tokens, which applications use to access sensitive data and cloud services. With the rise of cloud services, secrets have proliferated, and are often dispersed across various secret stores, heightening the risk of breaches.

The newly acquired funding will be used to enhance and expand Entro’s innovative platform. Currently, companies largely rely on vaults and secret scanners to manage secrets, solutions which often lack context, do not provide detailed insights, and cannot effectively monitor or mitigate risk. Entro intends to change this by providing a platform that offers comprehensive insights, detects, safeguards and provides context for secrets, and integrates seamlessly into the current operations of businesses.

In addition to this, Entro Security is designed to help organisations meet regulations like SOC 2 which require secrets protection. The company has built a frictionless and agentless platform, with easy integration into existing workflows.

StageOne Ventures principal Nofar Schnider noted, “In recent years, we have witnessed how companies were devastated by secret-based cyberattacks that were highly damaging. This is where Entro Security comes to the rescue. With their unique solution and skilled team, they are able to help security teams regain control while providing unparalleled suggestions and insights into the current state of the organisation’s secrets management.”

Notably, this seed funding marks the first round of significant investment Entro has raised, signalling investor confidence in the firm’s unique approach and the growth potential of the cybersecurity market.

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