Custodia unveils CC1 Messaging to revolutionise regulatory compliance

Custodia unveils CC1 Messaging to revolutionise regulatory compliance

Custodia, a frontrunner in regulated digital data services, has unveiled its latest product, CC1 Messaging.

The rise in regulatory enforcement actions regarding record-keeping violations connected to informal communications has reached a staggering $2.5bn. This has prompted an industry-wide drive to ensure compliance and sidestep hefty penalties.

Custodia stands out in the FinTech landscape by offering top-tier regulated digital data services. Their expertise in regulated data capture, validation, and archiving has positioned them as a trusted name in the sector.

The innovative CC1 Messaging is more than just a product; it’s a solution. Offered as a straightforward software subscription on Custodia’s Cloud Compliance One (CC1), it captures and archives official conversations on employees’ personal devices from widely-used apps like MS Teams, Telegram, and Signal. The unique selling points include end-to-end data capture, flexible communication channels, comprehensive control mechanisms, and an unyielding commitment to preserving employee privacy.

Companies can reap the benefits of CC1 Messaging’s extensive capabilities, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards without disrupting how employees traditionally communicate. With its diverse range of tools, businesses can streamline their regulated data capture processes across various platforms – from instant messaging and social media to voice and video. Furthermore, the service seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams and Webex.

The CC1 Messaging service also boasts features such as real-time blocking, alert mechanisms, data loss prevention, and data masking to maintain GDPR compliance. In a world that prioritises convenience, it offers employees and clients a natural interaction medium while ensuring comprehensive data management. Additional service features can enhance productivity, facilitating task tagging, automatic routing, and follow-ups.

Custodia CEO Chris Hartley said, “Today’s employees want to use their personal devices and preferred apps to communicate. Simply eliminating these tools from the workplace is difficult, and tends to lead to Shadow IT. The CC1 Messaging service ensures employees can continue to use the apps they, and their customers prefer, without compromising on compliance or privacy.”

Chris Corridon, Chief Revenue Officer at Custodia said, “CC1 Messaging helps our customers deal with one of their biggest compliance issues by capturing and assuring their employee off-channel communications. CC1 Messaging eliminates the need to change employee behaviour by capturing only professional communications on any mobile communications application.”

Chris Hartley also mentioned, “With the CC1 Messaging service, we can offer companies a comprehensive way to streamline compliance processes, record information rapidly, eliminate data silos, and improve employee and customer experiences simultaneously.”

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