XM Cyber to acquire cyberattack detection and response firm Confluera

XM Cyber

XM Cyber, a leader in hybrid cloud security, has acquired cyberattack detection and response company Confluera for an undisclosed fee.

XM Cyber now offers a comprehensive CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) solution using its unique attack path modelling to prioritize and assess real risk to the critical assets in acloud environment.

Together with Confluera, XM Cyber’s Continuous Exposure Management platform will provide all aspects of cloud security, from identifying and fixing risk regarding cloud identities (CIEM), identifying vulnerabilities and the detection and response of actual cyber-attacks in real-time (CWPP), and best practice and compliance management (CSPM).

The XM Cyber solution enables organisations to see their on-prem and cloud environments just like an attacker would and identify weaknesses that can potentially be exploited on attack paths to critical assets.

With the addition of Confluera, organisations can continuously monitor their cloud environments in real-time to see if they are actually being exploited and effectively block the attacker’s progress before any damage is caused.

XM Cyber CTO and co-founder Boaz Gorodissky said, “We work so well together because we’re both looking at the environment through attack path modeling. For example, XM Cyber shows our customers how an attacker could take advantage of a cloud secret found in the on-prem environment, move into the cloud, escalate privileges of an EC2, and compromise S3 buckets with sensitive information through a chain of events.

“Now with Confluera, we will detect if this attack path is actually happening in real time, alert our customers and help them stop the attack before it reaches the S3 buckets.”

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