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Revolut ramps up anti-fraud efforts with doubled financial crime team

Revolut, a global financial superapp serving over 35 million customers, has significantly expanded its Financial Crime (FinCrime) division, doubling the headcount since 2021.

New Zealand banks establish Anti-Scam centre to safeguard customers

The New Zealand Banking Association has unveiled new measures to amplify their fight against financial scams.

CBA takes a stand against cryptocurrency scams

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, the risk of scams targeting investors has grown. In response, Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has launched new safety measures aimed at safeguarding its customers. The bank will now impose restrictions, delays, and limits on certain payments to cryptocurrency exchanges.

ACMA introduces new rules to tackle SMS scams

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has registered new rules to require telecos to identify, trace and block SMS scams.

Email compromise scams found to cause $43bn in losses globally

The FBI has claimed that losses from business email compromise and email account compromise have surpassed $43bn worldwide.

Americans lost $770m from social media scams in 2021

Reports received by the Federal Trade Commission have found US citizens were scammed to the tune of $770m through social media cons during 2021.

Scammers are stealing $80m per month through fake giveaways and surveys

A report by Group-IB has found threat actors are making $80m a month by impersonating known brands asking people to participate in phoney surveys and giveaways.

HSBC UK introduces fraud awareness app to bolster business safety

HSBC UK has launched a fraud awareness app to provide companies with news on emerging scams in real-time as well as tips and advice.

The coronavirus represents a “return to chaos” that could benefit FinTech...

From: FinTech Global COVID-19 has plunged financial markets into chaos, but the pandemic also represents both challenges and opportunities for FinTech and RegTech companies as...

Three scams which should have been avoided in 2019

It will be impossible to completely stop scams from happening. While technology and better alertness will help to lower the number of successful incidents, some will inevitably slip through under the radar.

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