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Tag: Risk Management

The path to effective risk management in organisations

In the world of corporate governance, establishing a new Risk Management program or modifying an existing one can be a formidable challenge for executives.

How Custodia’s SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications enhance...

The imperative nature of data security and regulatory compliance in regulated industries cannot be overstated. For organisations handling sensitive information, the pursuit of robust security measures and compliance with stringent standards is non-negotiable.

The impact of compliance technology on small FinTech firms

In the fast-evolving world of financial services, firms of every size face significant hurdles in maintaining compliance and managing potential risks.

The crucial role of compliance in business expansion and digital innovation

In the swiftly evolving world of compliance and business growth, navigating the intricacies of regulatory demands, venturing into new markets, and harnessing digital innovation are vital for success, according to Moody's.

Navigating KYC and KYB: Essential strategies for regulatory compliance in FinTech

In the realm of FinTech, understanding the nuances between Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) is essential for businesses navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance and risk management. Both KYC and KYB processes are foundational in building trust and ensuring financial integrity within companies.

Streamlining compliance: The role of advanced client screening in RegTech

In financial crime compliance, regulators have set expectations for financial institutions to conduct thorough assessments of name screening alerts.

How to tackle evolving cyber threats with innovative risk management

As technology evolves, so does the network of bad actors who take advantage of it for illicit gains, leaving governments scrambling to modernise the way they regulate criminal activity.

French InsurTech Continuity raises €10m to boost AI-driven risk assessment

Continuity, a pioneer in leveraging artificial intelligence and external data for professional and commercial P&C insurers, has announced a €10m Series A funding round. This...

Moody’s unveils sanctioned securities screening tool for asset managers

Moody’s has launched a new sanctioned securities screening capability aimed at enhancing investment decision-making workflows for asset managers.

Inside Ballerine’s pioneering approach to merchant risk assessment

US-based FinTech firm Ballerine is making waves in the FinCrime space for its pioneering approach to assessing businesses and merchants legitimacy. Founded in 2022, the startup...

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