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Enhancing cybersecurity in healthcare’s digital age

Healthcare has experienced a major digital shift over the last decade. With the advent of electronic health records, the proliferation of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and the widespread adoption of cloud and mobile technologies, patient care has seen revolutionary enhancements.

Semperis raises $125m to enhance identity system defense platform

Semperis, a pioneer in identity-driven cyber resilience, has announced it secured $125m in growth financing from J. P. Morgan and Hercules Capital.

How to tackle evolving cyber threats with innovative risk management

As technology evolves, so does the network of bad actors who take advantage of it for illicit gains, leaving governments scrambling to modernise the way they regulate criminal activity.

Sublime Security secures $20m in Series A funding to enhance AI-powered...

Sublime Security, an AI-powered, programmable email security platform, has successfully raised $20m in a Series A funding round.

Upfort attracts $8m in Series A to boost cyber resilience

Upfort, a pioneering cyber security and insurance platform, has raised a substantial $8m in a recent Series A funding round.

Data theft passes ransomware as top concern for IT professionals

Integrity360 has released findings from a comprehensive research study that maps out the major cybersecurity threats troubling IT professionals.

Ransomware on the rise: Cohesity’s research exposes UK firms’ security vulnerabilities

Cohesity has found a worrying trend among businesses relying on ransomware payouts and cyber insurance as a solution to their cybersecurity weaknesses.

White House unveils cybersecurity budget focus for FY 2025

The OMB and the Office of the ONCD have presented their five cybersecurity budget priorities for federal departments and agencies for fiscal year 2025.

Unpacking the MOVEit data breach: why cyber risk management is non-negotiable

The MOVEit data breach left global businesses reeling and exposed the hard truth of our digital era - cyber threats are an inescapable reality. KYND has explored why cyber risk management company is vital. 

Ransomware attacks costs US financial institutions over $1bn in 2021

A report by the US Treasury has found US financial institutions experienced nearly $1.2bn in costs associated with ransomware attacks in 2021.

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