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Can blockchain and GDPR harmoniously coexist?

Navigating the intricate relationship between blockchain technologies and data protection regulations, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has proven challenging. OMNIA has explored how blockchain and GDPR can work together. 

zkMe secures $2M to enhance privacy and security in digital interactions

zkMe, the zero-knowledge identity oracle provider, has successfully raised $2 million in pre-seed funding to revolutionize on-chain credential verifications.

OMNIA allies with UniveChain: A beacon for Turkish blockchain development

OMNIA, the first-ever blockchain infrastructure provider and a well-respected figurehead in the privacy and security sector, has entered into a strategic alliance with UniveChain.

Tech organisations call on Congress to prioritise blockchain privacy regulation

More than 28 tech organisations that develop open-source projects have called on Congress to protect consumer privacy when regulating the blockchain space.

Italian watchdog slaps ClearView AI with €20m fine

Italy’s data privacy watchdog has given US-based RegTech firm ClearView AI a €20m fine over controversies surrounding its facial recognition software.

FTC study highlights internet provider failings to protect consumers

A study published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has found that internet service providers (ISPs) are failing to disclose to consumers how they are protecting their privacy.

Gretel.ai inks $50 Series B to bolster privacy engineering platform

Privacy engineering firm Gretel.ai has secured $50m from a Series B funding round led by Anthos Capital.

Privacy compliance platform Sourcepoint scores $17m in funding

Sourcepoint, a privacy compliance platform for digital marketing, has netted $17m in its fresh equity round.

Desjardins Group puts CAD $70m aside for data breach expenses

Desjardins Group, a Canadian financial services provider, has set aside CAD $70M ($52m) for expenses resulted from its data privacy breach.

ePrivacy Regulation Is Just Around The Corner…(aka Winter Is Coming!)

Compliance with GDPR has not been plain sailing and Compliance Compendium’s Gareth Gadd believes the ePrivacy regulations, which will launch later in the year, will be just as tough.

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