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Are financial institutions struggling to keep up with modern sanction and...

FinTech Global recently spoke to multiple industry players to get their insights on whether financial institutions are keeping up with modern sanction/PEPs lists monitoring...
Are financial institutions struggling to keep up with modern sanction and PEPs lists? - Part 1

Are financial institutions struggling to keep up with modern sanction and...

The war in Ukraine has underscored how quickly sanction and PEPs lists can change. Since 2022, the US, UK, EU, Australia, Japan and Canada have imposed over 16,500 sanctions on Russia, according to the BBC. The current turbulent geopolitical scene means financial services firms need to be ready for regular, and often sudden, changes to PEPs and sanction lists. FinTech Global recently spoke to several industry players to ask whether financial institutions are keeping up with the modern sanction/PEPs landscape.

Muinmos links with FX Back Office to transform FX broker onboarding...

Muinmos and FX Back Office (FXBO), have formed a partnership aimed at providing onboarding, KYC, and CRM solution for FX brokers globally.

Jesus Sanchez elevates to chief product officer at Muinmos

Muinmos, a vanguard in the RegTech sector, recently announced the promotion of Jesus Sanchez to Chief Product Officer.

Muinmos, TConsult partner to streamline digital investor tax declarations

Muinmos and TConsult, two prominent entities in the financial sector, have inked a deal focusing on digital tax solutions.

How CNMV’s crackdown on CFDs affects Spanish retail clients and EU...

In a recent post by RegTech firm Muinmos, the company discussed in detail Spanish CFD 'Barbie clients' and fundamental EU rights. 

Expanding horizons at Muinmos: Mohamed Mortada and Jesus Sanchez join in...

Muinmos has announced the appointment of two industry stalwarts - Mohamed Mortada as sales manager and Jesus Sanchez as senior product manager.

What changes will GenAI bring to risk management?

The introduction of GenAI has brought wide-ranging and disruptive change to a vast range of industries. In the area of risk management, this is no different.

Could AI displace the financial advisor?

We are living in an age where AI technology is uprooting entire industries. The financial sector, particularly, is ripe for innovation.

Muinmos on the rise as RegTech demand increases

After a decade in the RegTech limelight, regulatory compliance firmMuinmos continues to go from strength to strength.

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