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How to cope with the rising complexity of regulation

As the regulatory landscape continues to grow in complexity, firms are consistently having to upscale their compliance teams to cope.

Protecting sensitive information – How KYC Portal handles security

Solutions for onboarding and due diligence handle very sensitive and critical data on subjects. Before implementing a tool, a firm needs to be confident the data will be held safely.

KYC Portal underlines benefits of perpetual know-your-customer approach

A blogpost by KYC Portal has detailed how an ongoing know-your-customer (KYC) approach can help firms reduce their risk exposure to hours instead of weeks or months.

How KYC Portal became a leading RegTech provider

After identifying a compliance gap in 4AMLD, back in 2017, KYC portal was able to set itself up to become a major RegTech provider.

KYC Portal deploys technology into ARIE Finance to accelerate onboarding

KYC Portal has deployed its compliance tools into ARIE Finance to accelerate the onboarding of corporate clients, whilst meeting global regulatory compliance.

Why compliance teams need dynamic configuration

Regulatory processes are constantly changing, whether its new data being requested or updated risk factors and form requirements. Compliance teams need to be able to keep up with the fast paced changes.

KYC Portal launches new case manager module

KYC Portal has launched a new case manager module, following a number of requests from its clients wishing to use the RegTech’s platform to store ancillary data related to their clients.

Three ways technology has proven essential for client management during Covid-19

The coronavirus crisis has made it near impossible to meet new clients face to face, which is why technology is playing an increasingly important role in the process of managing customer relationships.

How Covid-19 changed banks’ onboarding processes

Many banks had already started to introduce digital onboarding solutions before the coronavirus swept over the world. Following the pandemic, these efforts have gone into overdrive.

Why working with a RegTech could be easier than building in-house...

The onboarding process is the start of interactions with a customer and therefore should be enticing to show what the relationship will be like. Having something that is confusing and frustrating begins things on the wrong precedent.

Over 90% of organizations use 6+ collab platforms, but 83% are turning off functionality due to compliance constraints

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