Napier, KYC Portal link for cutting-edge compliance solutions in FinTech


Napier, a compliance technology company, has partnered with KYC Portal to provide financial institutions with an end-to-end compliance solution.

This collaboration is designed to eliminate siloes in compliance operations by integrating KYC and compliance processes seamlessly.

Napier’s platform, Napier Continuum, transforms compliance into a competitive edge. On the other hand, KYC Portal CLM (KYCP), a client lifecycle management platform, is an award-winning platform known for its Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Anti-money laundering (AML) orchestration, automating and centralizing the due diligence process.

Napier, a new breed in the RegTech industry, is committed to embracing technological innovation. Their Napier Continuum platform is renowned for driving down financial crime, turning compliance from a legal obligation into an advantageous strategy. KYC Portal CLM, on the other hand, excels in automating, centralizing, and simplifying the due diligence process. It’s a dynamic workflow platform that significantly reduces risk exposure and operational costs.

The partnership involves integrating KYCP with Napier’s transaction monitoring module, enhancing speed, efficiency, and accuracy. This integration will feed real-time customer data to Napier’s rules engine, allowing for immediate automation of risk-driven events in KYCP’s client lifecycle management, ensuring swift alerting of compliance professionals to any risks.

This collaboration marks a significant step in the financial technology sector, providing a robust solution for real-time risk management and compliance. It reflects the growing need for integrated and efficient compliance solutions in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Greg Watson, Chief Executive Officer at Napier, stated, “Making sure your organisation is staying compliant is an ongoing challenge. We are delighted to announce our partnership with KYC Portal to help customers reduce exposure to client risk, reputational risk, and regulatory risk, all in real-time.”

Kristoff Zammit Ciantar, Founder and CEO at KYC Portal, commented, “KYC is the ability to know your customer, their activity, and whether it poses risk to your organisation. With knowledge on the entire customer lifecycle, from onboarding and beyond, compliance teams are empowered to have a greater view on customer risk.”

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