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Tag: European Parliament

Europe leads with landmark AI Act: Safeguarding rights and fostering innovation

In a significant stride towards regulating artificial intelligence (AI), the European Parliament adopted the Artificial Intelligence Act in a bid to ensure safety and compliance.

Navigating the EU AI Act: A strategic guide for AML and...

The upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) legislation, notably the European Parliament's Artificial Intelligence Act, is poised to redefine the regulatory landscape for financial institutions. Touted as the globe's inaugural framework for "trustworthy AI," the act is set to amplify the compliance obligations of anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-fraud teams. However, this impending challenge is mitigated by the availability of purpose-built AI solutions tailored to meet these burgeoning requirements.

Corporate responsibility & Europe’s CSDDD: What lies ahead for businesses.

The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, commonly referred to as CSDDD or CS3D, is Europe's ambitious initiative aimed at instilling sustainable practices within the...

The Impact of MiCA on the EU’s Crypto Landscape

The forthcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) aims to standardise the regulatory landscape for crypto-assets within the European Union (EU). This is particularly significant for crypto-assets that do not currently fall under existing financial services legislation. My Compliance Office (MCO) recently explored how companies can prepare for MiCA.

European Parliament passes far-reaching Digital Services Package

The European Parliament has officially adopted the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, the first comprehensive rulebook for online platforms to be introduced.

European Parliament votes to hand data gathering powers to Europol

The European Parliament is set to give Europol – the EU’s police agency – new powers to gather and use data following a recent vote.

European Parliament postpones crypto regulation vote amid backlash

The European Parliament has postponed a vote on crypto asset regulation after a leaked draft included a provision that sought to ban cryptocurrencies.

European Parliament votes for ban on AI-powered mass surveillance

The European Parliament has voted for a resolution that calls for the ban of AI-powered biometric mass surveillance technologies such as facial recognition across the continent.

European Parliament calls for greater consumer protections in AI

The European Parliament has called for new rules which will protect consumers with interactions involving AI and automated decision-making (ADM).

The European Parliament comes to agreement on new crowdfunding rules

The European Parliament (EP) has achieved an agreement with the European Council on new EU-wide rules for crowdfunding.

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