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Diligent and Manifest Climate partner for new climate risk management solution

Diligent, a prominent GRC SaaS company, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Manifest Climate, to expand its capabilities into the realm of climate risk management. This...

The evolving ESG paradigm: How issuers and asset managers must adapt...

During Diligent's annual user conference, governance leaders discussed a notable increase in anti-ESG sentiment.

Harnessing the chaos: Proactive risk strategies for thriving in 2024

In the fast-paced world of corporate governance, 2024 looms with unprecedented challenges. As we peer into this future, it's evident that the previous years' tumult is but a prelude to a more formidable scenario, where managing a constellation of risks - from ESG and cyber threats to the omnipresence of AI - demands agility, foresight, and an integrated organizational perspective.

Navigating compliance chaos: How risk intelligence data fortifies business resilience

SaaS firm Diligent recently took the opportunity to explain to readers the essential foundations for effective risk compliance. 

The pivotal role of managers in cultivating company culture

Diligent recently spoke with Jessica Czeczuga to take a deeper look into the topic of managing culture risk. 

Navigating third-party risk management: An EU & UK perspective

With the traditional business landscape being pulled apart due to the ever-hastening digitalisation of our world, traditional brick-and-mortar business has become outdated. We now...

The art of crafting effective regulatory compliance training programs

In a recent post, Saas firm Diligent detailed that regulatory compliance teams can build better training programs. 

Navigating the future of audit: How technology fuels strategic growth in...

With the ever-emerging organizational risks, boards are constantly on the lookout for ways to mitigate threats. These include areas like ESG, cyber resilience, human capital management, and even the personal liability of directors.

Diligent unveils AI Ethics & Board Oversight certification

Diligent, a GRC SaaS enterprise, has recently raised the bar in corporate leadership training by launching an AI Ethics & Board Oversight Certification.

Balancing corporate growth and risk: A dive into modern governance principles

Diligent, a SaaS firm, recently described some of the key aspects of the relationship between risk management and corporate governance. 

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