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RegTech firm Alessa rebrands to highlight AML simplicity

RegTech firm Alessa – previously known as Alessa by Tier 1 Financial Solutions – has undergone a rebranding to simplify its brand offering.

How money laundering regulations have changed over time

It has been over half a century since the Bank Secrecy Act was passed in the US, which was the first piece of US legislation aimed at tackling money laundering. How have regulations in this area changed over time?

What are the key FAQs around FinCEN’s beneficial ownership requirements?

The use of shell companies and other legal vehicles for illicit purposes is receiving growing international attention, with the importance of beneficial ownership transparency becoming ever more key, claimed RegTech firm Alessa.

How to ensure casino compliance

As an industry that is constantly bringing in new customers and transactions, the casino sector is a key target for criminals and money launderers, claims Alessa.

The role of public-private partnerships in fighting financial crime

Money laundering, terrorism and financial crime are all growing threats globally that are impacting financial institutions. How can these challenges be combatted?

How banks can use models to better assess customer risk

In a new webinar series, Alessa explores the various elements of customer risk. In its latest one, it examines how firms can assess products and services, activity patterns and behaviours to uncover illicit activity.

Why customer risk ratings are imperative for financial institutions

A recent webinar led by Alessa by Tier 1 Financial Solutions examined the objectives and fundamentals of customer risk scoring as well as a logical way to categorise types of risks.

How financial institutions can remain compliant in the face of Russian...

As the fighting between Russia and Ukraine forces continue, national governments globally are increasingly imposing severe sanctions on Russia and its financial sector.

What are the key developing trends for AML compliance in 2022?

A recent report from Alessa by Tier1 Financial Solutions has underlined the key trends to watch out for in AML compliance in 2022.

How can firms assess the risks associated with a politically exposed...

A recent webinar by Alessa by Tier 1 Financial Solutions has examined what constitutes a politically exposed person (PEP) and why relationships with certain PEPs may offer increased financial crime threats.

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