Position Green aids Fasadgruppen in achieving CSRD compliance

Position Green aids Fasadgruppen in achieving CSRD compliance

As the Nordic leader in building exterior services, Fasadgruppen is significantly enhancing building energy efficiency. With over 50 subsidiaries, the organisation has faced the daunting task of meeting the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Adrian Westman, Head of Sustainability at Fasadgruppen, explained how the company is leveraging Position Green to align with CSRD. 

Each of Fasadgruppen’s subsidiaries operates under its own brand, providing specialised building envelope services. Westman explained, “We’ve created a common sustainability framework that works for everyone but can also be adapted for their own operations, with a focus on three areas; to have the industry’s most ambitious climate action, to provide the industry’s best workplace, and to be the industry’s most stable partner.” Ensuring that progress is monitored and goals for ESG performance are understood across all subsidiaries has been essential, and this is where Position Green has become invaluable.

In preparation for CSRD and ESRS, Fasadgruppen conducted a double materiality assessment to identify gaps and determine necessary steps for compliance. This assessment informed a comprehensive gap analysis, highlighting the need for a unified system to manage and report data according to disclosure requirements.

Westman highlighted the challenges of aligning with CSRD and ESRS, particularly regarding data quality and expertise. “It is important to remember that resources vary greatly within different sized companies, while the regulatory demands are essentially equal for all,” he said. Smaller firms like Fasadgruppen must cleverly combine tools, consultants, and internal resources to achieve compliance, ensuring these efforts generate business value.

Despite the hurdles, Westman views mandatory reporting as a catalyst for positive change. He noted that most of Fasadgruppen’s emissions are Scope 3 – indirect emissions within their value chain. CSRD requirements will help improve data collection and due diligence with subcontractors and suppliers, aiding customers in making informed decisions. The common framework simplifies performance monitoring and drives improvements.

Position Green has been crucial in helping Fasadgruppen meet CSRD compliance by providing a cohesive reporting system for ESG topics suited to their decentralised structure. Westman remarked, “The software is not just easy to use, it provides a common understanding of sustainability efforts, whether you’re a finance manager or subsidiary employee. The insights let us zero in on ESG improvements and drive sustainable impact – in our organisation and across the entire industry.”

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