Persefoni AI unveils groundbreaking free Climate Management Platform

Persefoni AI unveils groundbreaking free Climate Management Platform

Persefoni AI, a pioneering Climate Management & Accounting Platform (CMAP), has unveiled its latest innovation, Persefoni Pro.

This free, enterprise-grade solution is designed to empower both SMBs and large organizations to create accurate carbon footprints with ease, showcasing nearly five years of advancements in AI and thought leadership within the climate accounting domain. The formal release of Persefoni Pro marks a significant milestone, reflecting over two years of development enriched by real-world application and user feedback.

At the heart of Persefoni Pro’s development is the pressing need for improved climate data accuracy and accessibility. An analysis of CDP data highlighted a concerning gap: only 10% of companies track their GHG emissions across their supply chain, a stark contrast to the 37% that have climate engagement strategies with suppliers. Persefoni Pro aims to address this by simplifying the emissions data collection and reporting process, making it accessible and free for businesses of all sizes.

Persefoni specializes in offering comprehensive solutions for managing and reporting climate-related data with the precision and confidence akin to financial reporting. Through its platform, companies can efficiently calculate carbon footprints, develop decarbonization strategies, and produce audit-ready sustainability reports, all while navigating the complexities of climate data management.

Persefoni Pro stands out by enabling businesses to seamlessly collect, identify, and disclose their emissions footprint without requiring prior sustainability experience. Its intuitive, self-guided workflow, reminiscent of Intuit Inc.’s TurboTax, guides users through the entire process, adapting and posing new inquiries based on previous responses. This innovation democratizes access to high-quality emissions data, facilitating more informed decision-making across industries.

The product not only offers SMBs an affordable means to calculate and share emissions data but also enhances large enterprises’ ability to engage with their supply chains more effectively. This fosters a more transparent, accurate, and real-time collection of climate data, which is crucial for informed investment decisions and minimizing risks related to non-compliance, litigation, and greenwashing.

Persefoni’s CEO and Co-founder, Kentaro Kawamori, emphasizes the significance of shared carbon footprints for enhanced decision-making across the board. “Carbon footprints are meant to be shared, and it should be easy and free. Whether you’re sharing your footprint internally or with external suppliers, investors, regulators, or the public, the ultimate benefit is using more accurate and complete data to drive better decision-making.”

Adding, “We already have Global 2000 companies using Persefoni Pro for their own calculations, let alone their supply chains. While Pro may represent the culmination of many years of development and achievements in AI, including proprietary, advanced GPT models, it’s only the first step in this process. Before the summer, we will release additional one-click regulatory reporting, advanced calculations, and more GPT features. Material network effects have been unlocked now that emissions data has become easier to gather, manage, and share.”

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