Normative launches new carbon reduction tools

Normative launches new carbon reduction tools

Normative, a pioneering enterprise carbon platform, has unveiled a new suite of features aimed at enabling businesses to effectively manage and reduce their carbon emissions.

The platform offers a detailed analysis of carbon data, sets specific activity-based targets, and models potential reduction strategies. This not only ensures compliance with regulatory demands but also boosts competitiveness and advances meaningful steps towards achieving net zero emissions.

This technological advancement arrives amid increasing legislative pressures such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which mandates comprehensive emissions reporting across scopes 1, 2, and 3, and for the first time, requires the disclosure of emissions reduction plans aligned with the Paris Agreement. The heightened transparency demanded by regulators, investors, and consumers aims to mitigate risks of non-compliance, greenwashing, and supply chain vulnerabilities. With its latest offerings, Normative provides companies with essential tools to sidestep these risks and enhance their sustainability practices.

Kristian Rönn, CEO and co-founder of Normative, emphasised the critical nature of their role in today’s climate-focused regulatory landscape. Rönn said, “As we enter a new era focused on climate accountability and legislation, our role in empowering businesses to lead in carbon reduction has never been more critical.

“Our technology is now at a point where it can go beyond simply reporting emissions, to empowering businesses to take control of their reduction journeys and reach their targets. With this latest suite of features, we’re proud to show that Normative is much more than a carbon accounting platform – it’s a carbon reduction platform.”

Normative’s updated platform integrates carbon reduction capabilities across various operational aspects, providing businesses with actionable insights to achieve their carbon management objectives. It establishes a precise carbon baseline, inclusive of scope 3 emissions from primary suppliers via the Normative Carbon Network. This facilitates realistic target setting and monitoring with the guidance of Climate Strategy Advisors (CSAs).

Moreover, the platform’s customizable features enable businesses to assess emissions with unprecedented specificity, tailored to their industry, region, and corporate structure. Companies can evaluate emissions at the product, office, or category level, identify reduction opportunities, and track their carbon management progress effectively over time.

Charlie Michael, Chief Sustainability & People Officer at DF Capital, shared insights into how Normative’s capabilities have transformed their environmental strategies. “At DF Capital, we’re committed to protecting our environment and understanding our impact to lead the way in our industry. Normative’s carbon insights helped us identify practical ways to reduce emissions and plan for the future.

“With Normative, we’ve measured the impact of initiatives like switching our fleet to electric cars. Using their APIs, we track our emissions monthly, ensuring we’re making progress toward our goals and keeping sustainability a top priority.”

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