Memcyco and Deloitte forge strategic alliance in global cybersecurity sphere

Memcyco and Deloitte forge strategic alliance in global cybersecurity sphere

Memcyco, a frontrunner in providing real-time digital impersonation detection and prevention solutions, has joined forces with Deloitte, a global leader in consulting, advisory, and audit services.

The newly announced strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape by integrating Memcyco’s advanced anti-impersonation software into Deloitte’s extensive range of customer offerings, with a focus on global outreach encompassing regions like EMEA, LATAM, USA, and beyond.

The collaboration between Deloitte and Memcyco marks a significant convergence, marrying Deloitte’s profound consulting prowess with Memcyco’s state-of-the-art platform. This partnership is dedicated to the detection and prevention of digital impersonation fraud, thus setting a new benchmark in fraud prevention. The initiative primarily aims to bolster the defenses of government entities, enterprises, and brands, protecting them from the reputational harm and financial damage brought on by phishing attacks targeting their customers.

In the essence of the partnership, Memcyco and Deloitte are set to capitalize on an array of additional solutions surrounding integration and cooperation, notably Deloitte’s Strategic & Reputation Risk Services. This multi-disciplinary approach fosters a comprehensive response to emerging threats by pooling together the distinct expertise and extensive experience from both entities, presenting clients with a fortified, all-encompassing solution.

Memcyco stands out with its real-time detection, protection, and response platform aimed at combating online impersonation attacks. These attacks, often manifested through phishing or smishing, lure unsuspecting users to counterfeit web pages that mimic legitimate sites. Unwitting users are duped into surrendering personal information, leading to dire consequences such as account takeovers, data breaches, financial theft, and ransomware incidents.

Furthermore, Memcyco equips organizations with comprehensive insights into attack patterns, offering a detailed compilation of victim data. This not only enhances the visibility of attacks but also refines the predictive accuracy of fraud detection mechanisms, thereby drastically reducing the costs associated with remediation.

Highlighting the essence of this collaboration, Memcyco CEO Israel Mazin remarked, “Memcyco is delighted to build a partnership with Deloitte due to its dedicated team, expertise, and innovation capabilities.

“Our shared commitment to empowering organizations to make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategy is at the heart of our collaboration. In the long term, this partnership will pave the way for organizations of all sizes to mitigate impersonation and brandjacking attacks and to gain more trust from their customers.”

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