Immersive cybersecurity training firm Haiku raises venture capital

Haiku, a leader in immersive cybersecurity education, has taken a notable step forward in its business trajectory.

Though the exact funding amount remains undisclosed, Haiku successfully secured venture capital backing. Leading this investment round was Kelly Ventures I LP, with additional participation from The Veteran Fund and Andy Serwin.

Haiku stands at the forefront of innovative cybersecurity training by integrating elements of gaming, immersive technology, and real-world education. Their methodology, inspired by the engagement techniques of video games, places users in a “flow state”, which, according to a McKinsey & Company study, enhances learning potential by an astonishing 500%. The company’s esteemed products are utilised across various educational levels and are trusted by Fortune 500 companies, as well as departments of the U.S. federal government, such as the Department of Homeland Security.

The fresh capital will be judiciously channelled into several strategic initiatives by Haiku Inc. They plan on broadening their product range to more aptly serve the ever-evolving needs of businesses and educational entities. Furthermore, under the expert guidance of Kelly Ventures, the company envisions the integration of blockchain technology into its core tech suite, which promises to unlock new dimensions in cybersecurity instruction.

Additionally, Haiku is setting its sights on expanding its international reach by venturing into untouched markets and fostering valuable collaborations with educational bodies and corporate entities. This funding will also grant Haiku the ability to scout and enlist the industry’s top talent across a plethora of departments, thereby kindling fresh waves of innovation and spurring growth.

The company’s primary solutions, Haiku and Haiku Pro, are acclaimed for their adeptness in engaging a wide range of learners. By providing a game-based “flow” experience, these offerings go beyond traditional training, making cybersecurity knowledge more accessible and engaging. Their Forge tool offers a user-friendly platform for individuals to design customised cybersecurity lessons.

Haiku CEO Eric Basu remarked, “With this strategic investment, Haiku, Inc. is poised to ascend to new heights. Our newest partners, including Andy Serwin, a global luminary in privacy law, and Chris Kelly, renowned as the first general counsel at Facebook and a pioneer in blockchain technology investments, are set to propel Haiku toward redefining game-based training and skill mapping for bolstering corporate cyber risk resilience through advanced training methodologies.”

Kelly Ventures I LP Managing Partner Chris Kelly shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Kelly Ventures is thrilled to embark on this journey with Haiku. Their game-based training platform represents the future of training, and in conjunction with our blockchain expertise, promises to unveil groundbreaking approaches to cybersecurity training and talent management.”

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