How Theta Lake’s integration enhances Zoom’s compliance capabilities


The partnership between Theta Lake and major UCC providers such as Zoom, RingCentral Ventures, Cisco Ventures, and Salesforce Ventures, has further underscored the critical need for integrated compliance and security within the UCC sphere.

According to Theta Lake, this collaboration was highlighted by its successful $50m Series B funding round. The necessity for robust compliance solutions has been starkly illustrated by the hefty $2.6bn in regulatory fines imposed on the financial services sector for inadequate recordkeeping and unmonitored communications. Recently, Zoom’s launch of the Zoom Compliance Manager, utilising Theta Lake’s technology, marks a significant development in the market, offering comprehensive compliance solutions.

Zoom Compliance Manager, powered by Theta Lake, provides a unified platform that supports risk and compliance management, data governance, and information protection across all Zoom applications. This integration enables customers to directly access Theta Lake’s advanced compliance and security features through the Zoom administrator console, which simplifies the compliance processes.

The technology ensures that organisations can utilise Zoom’s full suite of products, including Zoom Meetings, Phone, In-Meeting Chat, and more, without the risk of compliance violations, thereby enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Zoom has acknowledged Theta Lake as a pivotal partner in digital communications governance, given its extensive coverage across the Zoom Workplace. Theta Lake supports a wide array of Zoom applications with capabilities such as chat, SMS, and video, maintaining content in its native format.

This partnership is built on Theta Lake’s continuous innovation and its ability to deliver new features rapidly, like support for whiteboards and AI-powered video compliance detection. Zoom’s choice to integrate Theta Lake into their ecosystem is based on their proven track record with the largest and most regulated financial institutions, ensuring reliability in demanding environments.

The collaboration between Zoom and Theta Lake is a response to the critical demand for reliable security and compliance solutions in today’s rapidly evolving UCC market. The release of Zoom Compliance Manager not only strengthens the partnership between these two leaders but also provides substantial benefits to customers through new capabilities and content types. Industries regulated by stringent compliance standards can now deploy new Zoom Workplace features with confidence, assured that their compliance systems can adapt swiftly to market innovations without the delays typically associated with new product releases.

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