Armis acquires Silk Security for $150m to enhance cybersecurity capabilities

Armis, the asset intelligence cybersecurity firm, has officially acquired Silk Security, a cyber risk prioritization and remediation platform.

Armis, known for its comprehensive security solutions spanning devices and cloud systems, aims to integrate Silk’s advanced technologies into its Armis Centrix™ platform. Silk Security, established in 2022 by a trio of seasoned security professionals, has quickly risen to prominence with its innovative approach to cyber risk management.

The acquisition, valued at $150m, is strategized to embed Silk’s prioritization and remediation capabilities within the Armis Centrix™, enhancing the platform’s efficiency in managing and automating security remediation. This integration is expected to offer a unified solution for monitoring and securing all data sources, from on-premise devices to cloud-based applications, thereby addressing the complex cybersecurity challenges faced by global enterprises today.

Armis operates as an asset intelligence cybersecurity company, providing solutions that enable secure management across an organization’s entire digital landscape. Its technologies are pivotal in asset discovery, threat management, and now with Silk Security’s integration, risk prioritization and remediation.

Silk Security, although newer in the field, has established itself as a pivotal player in cyber risk prioritization and remediation. Founded by Yoav Nathaniel, Or Priel, and Bar Katz, the company has developed a platform that simplifies the remediation process, which is often cumbersome for cybersecurity teams.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Armis’ strategy to develop a robust platform that not only detects and manages but also prioritizes and remediates cyber threats in real-time. The move is set to accelerate the capabilities of both Armis and Silk Security’s customer bases, providing them with a more comprehensive and proactive approach to managing cybersecurity risks.

Over the past eight years, Armis has been at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. The development of the AI-powered Armis Centrix™ platform has been central to its strategy, addressing various facets of cyber threat exposure from asset discovery to vulnerability management. The acquisition of Silk Security is a continuation of this strategy, aiming to enhance the platform’s real-time threat management capabilities.

“Global enterprises and governments need a platform that can address the entire lifecycle of cybersecurity threats,” Armis CEO and Co-founder Yevgeny Dibrov said. “Given today’s complicated, dynamic threat landscape, legacy technologies and point solutions are no longer fit for purpose. To ensure the entire attack surface is both defended and managed in real time, organizations need a comprehensive solution that quantifies and reduces risk continually through the ability to prioritize and remediate the most important security findings at any given time, in any environment.”

“We are extremely excited to be joining forces with Armis and to have the opportunity to bring our technology into the Armis solution stack,” Silk Security CEO and Co-founder Yoav Nathaniel said. “Customers of Silk Security and Armis are going to have an accelerated advantage in the use of our technology with this unprecedented integration, benefiting from a holistic approach for exposure management that works even for the most complex organizations.”

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