How can eForms help improve the customer experience?

While digital transformation was way underway before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the face-to-face restrictions imposed by the crisis put rocket boosters underneath digital tools designed to simplify complex manual processes normally conducted in person.

One particular digital tool that benefitted from the pandemic was eForms, which are an online document that replaces the need for a paper-version and captures, submits and validates data to a recipient for processing while allow data to be transmitted electronically.

A recent blogpost by MyDocSafe examined how eForms could help transform the customer experience for a company and why they are of benefit. One of the key benefits provided by eForms, the firm claims, lies in their speed and convenience – despite this, many clients expected a lot of the ‘leg work’ to be done for them.

MyDocSafe said, “To deliver an exemplary customer experience, the speed and convenience of digital forms should be complemented by as much intelligent prefilling as possible. Not only does this ensure an easier experience for your customer or client, you’ll also be more certain of accuracy – with data being pulled from verified sources, eliminating human error.”

The company added that while eForms offer speed, functionality and convenience, if they are to be completed autonomously by the user, they should ideally be responsive. This is due to forms needing to be able to intelligently adapt as information is added and choices are made – either to reveal new options and requests, to recognise approval and to hide irrelevant sections.

In addition, the company mentioned that while some forms will be able to perform a simple role without the use of logic flows, the scope and range of what is possible by applying these is ‘considerable’. Here, MyDocSafe states, the objective is to extend the functionality of the form – by allowing it to achieve more complex outcomes without the need for any adjustment or interpretation manually.

MyDocSafe added, “Procedural logic, nested “if” statements, event-driven logic and paths of authority can all help to increase the steady flow of progress. Used in combination, logic flows offer a huge amount of additional functionality to eForms and extend the scope of what they can be used to accomplish.

Efficient services

One of the key results consumers commonly look for when using a service is efficiency. MyDocSafe underlines that a key way that this can be achieved in the signing of forms is that when interacting with clients, access to information should be seamless for all involved, adding that clients ‘expect an intuitive experience, and will appreciate the ability to find everything they need within one convenient and dedicated portal’.

There also a high amount of importance associated with data security in connection with eForms, due to its digital presence. Alongside this security, however, clients will still expect to be able to input necessary information in a digital and convenient manner.

MyDocSafe remarked, “As a business, you need to be able to give them [the customer] the functionality to complete forms and grant permissions on the go, at the same time as retaining the ability to see what they’ve submitted and track progress.”

The company detailed that companies will risk slowing down deal progression and onboarding flows without making eForms accessible in a mobile format, adding, “By digitizing forms, you also have better access to data in a downloadable format, and access to a clearer digital “paper trail,” enabling better auditing and compliance.”

MyDocSafe summarised, “In today’s competitive market, every opportunity to improve customer experience – and trust – should be taken. When it comes to dependable digital tools, few are more beneficial or adaptable than eForms. Keeping product-related workflows efficient and scalable – especially if you intend to grow – is critically important, and eForms can play a key role in achieving this, all while enhancing customer experience.”

Read a full case study on the company’s eForm solution here.

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