Hackers are the leading cybersecurity concern for business leaders

A new report from digital service and consulting firm Infosys has unveiled the biggest cybersecurity concerns for companies.

The new report revealed that 84% worry about hackers. There is certainly no shortage of examples of successful hacks that prove why business leaders may have to worry about them. In the UK alone, 70% of financial firms have suffered a hack attack in the last year.

However, it was not the only cybersecurity worry the people polled were concerned about.

Of the executives surveyed, 76% were also worried about the low awareness about the digital risks among its employees and 75% worried about insider threats.

Both those two last figures are unsurprising given employees are repeatedly ranked as one of the biggest reasons behind businesses being breached by outsiders as staff members fall victim to scams like phising campaigns and social hacking.

Business leaders also feared falling victim to corporate espionage with 75% citing that as a concern.

The report was based on 867 senior executives across 847 firms.

“Embedding cybersecurity has remained a difficult problem for a long time,” Vishal Salvi, chief information security officer and head of cybersecurity practice at Infosys, told Times of India. “Billion of dollars are being spent on building controls [the] rate of attacks and breaches have only increased over time.

“As organisations adopt advanced technologies, modernise technology assets and become more connected, vulnerabilities in the systems are increasing. So are the incentives of the bad actors to exploit these vulnerabilities.”

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