Hackers and their own employees are businesses’ biggest cybersecurity worries

A new report has revealed that outside hackers is still the greatest cybersecurity fear of senior executives, followed closely by the threat of their own employees making mistakes.

That’s according to a new report from Infosys, the global digital services provider that recently announced the opening of a new cybersecurity centre in Romania.

Having surveyed 867 senior executives across 847 firms in 12 industries, the researchers found that they shared some of the same cybersecurity concerns. The top worries tormenting these corporate head honchos were that of hackers, low awareness about cybersecurity from employees and insider threats. These three concerns were voiced by 84%, 76% and 75% respectively. Concerns about corporate espionage also kept 75% of these top dogs up at night.

Infosys also noted that two thirds of companies face challenges in building a security aware culture combined with embedding security into design.

So how are they trying to overcome these security challenges? More than half of the businesses were focusing on adopting integrated security solutions and collaborating with technology and service integrator partners.

Moreover, to make the risk of employees’ unawareness leading to a breach, 61% were training or dealing out certifications to staff, 54% conducted enablement sessions and 51% had pushed to establish a sense of security awareness.

Vishal Salvi, chief information security officer and head cybersecurity practice at Infosys, said, “As enterprises continue to add new technologies to the business, it is crucial to defend themselves against a sophisticated threat environment.”

He added that at Infosys they “believe a holistic approach to cybersecurity is what it takes to instil digital trust in companies, and this research offers a good understanding of the current cybersecurity landscape. The insights, if applied appropriately can accelerate the cyber defense of enterprises.”

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