Embracing technology for improved investor onboarding

Upgrading technology in investor onboarding offers immense benefits and the asset management industry is quickly catching on. The landscape of regulatory environments is in constant flux, and traditional systems are struggling to keep up. Coupled with cumbersome manual processes, these hurdles continue to be a primary obstacle for asset managers in the onboarding of new investors.

Fenergo, a leading provider of digital Know Your Customer (KYC), has released a report exploring how asset managers can leverage technology to improve their investor onboarding.

The conventional onboarding process often yields subpar experiences for investors. This not only delays the generation of fees but also lays bare firms to considerable regulatory and reputational risks. With the integration of technology into the onboarding process, these issues can be significantly mitigated.

The revolutionary impact of technology on investor onboarding and lifecycle management processes cannot be overstated. Technology is a powerful tool in enhancing the investor experience and in overcoming the bottlenecks associated with manual workflows. Moreover, it can considerably reduce the risk of compliance and regulatory violations.

The report scrutinises the stumbling blocks asset managers come up against during onboarding, whilst emphasising the industry’s best practices. It also underscores the advantages of digitalisation, a handful of which include expedited revenue generation, minimised regulatory and reputational risks, and a more satisfying investor experience.

By creating a heightened sense of confidence in investors, technology helps to eliminate opportunity costs. Fenergo, in particular, is paving the way in the asset management industry by enabling firms to deliver an exceptional end-to-end client and investor experience.

Read the full report here.

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