Emailage launches RapidRisk Score solution

Emailage, a provider of online fraud prevention and e-mail risk assessment, has launched the RapidRisk Score solution.

Its new solution is designed to create analytics of ‘ultra-fast risk’ for payment processors, card issuers and merchants in each transaction.

RapidRisk Score is based on artificial intelligence and uses the company’s automated products for e-mail risk assessment to help companies identify online fraud in real time without additional verification.

Emailage claims it minimizes the delays in the transaction process for legitimate customers, so that they can complete their purchases immediately.

The solution carries out the risk assessment of fraud with response times as small as 30 thousandths of a second, 20 times faster than standard alternatives, according to the RegTech. RapidRisk Score can also manage hundreds of transactions per second and has already been adopted by three global payment processing platforms.

Rei Carvalho, CEO of Emailage, said: “As a company, we saw the need to focus on the risk analysis of transactions, which due to service level agreements requires precision and speed, since global regulations – such as the RGPD and the DSP2 in Europe – raise more questions about data segregation and changes in liability, our ongoing dialogue with customers has revealed that the market needs the availability of more accurate, reliable risk assessment tools and, above all, faster.

“By taking advantage of internal signals from a sectoral, intersectoral and global consortium database, RapidRisk Score can verify and provide an accurate analysis of the risk of transactions in 30 thousandths of a second. average, a new reference of the sector that we are extremely proud to offer our customers, and it is a solution that integrates with great ease the fraud prevention systems and existing risk engines, which can be done in a matter of minutes ”

Founded in 2012, Arizona-headquartered Emailage helps companies reduce these losses. Its predictive online fraud risk score allows companies to assess risk using email address reputation, behavior and metadata.

With traditional fraud prevention strategies and “siloed” data not being adaptable to new threats, Emailage has developed specialised risk assessment models fine-tuned for the financial industry.

It claims to empower users to combine transaction risk assessment and online identity validation, with its aggregated scoring model utilising the email address as a foundation The solution is enhanced with other data elements designed to fight back against threats facing the financial industry. The company provides full identity validation based on email, phone, customer name, address and more, comprehensive risk assessment driven by holistic data points, and network intelligence, which provides an additional layer of protection, velocity tracking and monitoring new threats in real time. The company also provides solutions to ecommerce, travel & hospitality, and technology industries.

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