Centralis Group chooses Fenergo for enhanced client onboarding

Centralis Group chooses Fenergo for enhanced client onboarding

Centralis Group, a prominent alternative asset and corporate services provider based in Luxembourg, and Fenergo, the leading innovator in digital Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), Know Your Customer (KYC), and transaction monitoring solutions, have recently announced a pivotal partnership.

Centralis Group, known for its customer-centric tailored services across 13 countries, offers a comprehensive range of services and expertise to a global clientele. Fenergo, on the other hand, specializes in digitally transforming the client lifecycle for financial institutions, asset management, and FinTech firms, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency across the board.

The crux of this partnership lies in Centralis Group’s strategic move to adopt Fenergo’s CLM solution. This move is aimed at streamlining client and investor onboarding processes and reinforcing Centralis Group’s foundation for sustainable international growth.

By leveraging Fenergo’s state-of-the-art technology, Centralis Group aims to enhance operational efficiency, optimize the onboarding journey for clients and investors, and minimize the potential for duplication of efforts. This collaboration is set to redefine the standards of client and investor onboarding within the corporate services sector.

Fenergo excels in digitally orchestrating every client journey, from initial KYC and client onboarding to automating regulatory compliance and enabling continuous monitoring throughout the client lifecycle. Recognized for its in-depth financial services and regulatory expertise, Fenergo’s out-of-the-box rules engine future-proofs financial institutions against evolving regulations in over 120 jurisdictions. Centralis Group, with its robust global presence and commitment to delivering tailored services, stands to significantly benefit from Fenergo’s technology, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience while adhering to diverse international regulations.

Centralis Group’s Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Andreas Thommen, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Fenergo. As we continue to grow and expand our client and investor base, we need technology we can trust and that will enable us to scale. We also need a partner with expert financial services experience.

“In Fenergo, we found the critical combination we needed, so we can focus on our client-centric commitment to provide best-in-class services. With Fenergo, we are able to bring new products and services to market, safe in the knowledge that we can onboard customers even more efficiently while remaining compliant across the world.”

Echoing this sentiment, Stella Clarke, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Fenergo, added, “We are proud to partner with Centralis Group and support the company in its goal to deliver even better customer experiences. We demonstrated that Fenergo understands the challenges global financial services firms face as they aim to create more efficient and safer client onboarding journeys while meeting their compliance obligations worldwide. Fenergo’s technology provides Centralis Group with a clear roadmap, helping the company to future-proof its onboarding and remain at the forefront of industry developments as it expands.”

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