Bleach Cyber joins Techstars Austin 2023

Bleach Cyber joins Techstars Austin 2023

Bleach Cyber has recently been spotlighted among the plethora of startups, having been chosen to join the prestigious Techstars Austin Summer Cohort 2023.

Situated in Austin, Texas, Bleach Cyber prides itself on simplifying cybersecurity for budding businesses and startups. This innovative approach to security did not go unnoticed, leading to their selection for Techstars Austin’s summer cohort of this year. As a beacon of investment, Techstars stands tall with a broad portfolio encompassing over 8,600 founders and is renowned as one of the world’s premier pre-seed investors.

Bleach Cyber CEO Craig Goodwin remarked, “We’re honoured and thrilled to be part of this very select group. It’s very exciting the Techstars team saw the vision and capability we possess to deliver on our audacious goals of transforming cybersecurity for startups and SMBs.”

Joining Techstars is a monumental step for Bleach Cyber, offering them an unparalleled opportunity to fast-track their growth. This comes with the added perks of increased capital, a broader customer base, and invaluable advice from seasoned experts. Techstars is no stranger to supporting outstanding startups, with several billion-dollar businesses, such as DigitalOcean, SendGrid, and Chainanalysis, under its belt.

Techstars Austin’s Managing Director Amos Schwartzfarb praised Bleach Cyber, stating, “Building a ‘company’ is very different than building a ‘startup’. Bleach Cyber embodies what I look for when inviting and investing in new companies at Techstars Austin. Bleach Cyber has all the right ingredients to be a great ‘Company’. This founding team addresses a huge market opportunity that is very underserved right now.”

The increasing market demand for cybersecurity solutions tailored for smaller businesses is evident. Founders and startup leaders often grapple with meeting the high demands set by their enterprise clientele, insurance providers, and crucial compliance standards, such as SOC 2. Recognising this gap, Bleach has consistently expanded since its inception in 2023, presenting an unparalleled suite of cybersecurity tools. Their alliance with Techstars promises to boost their growth trajectory further.

Bill Tyndall, Co-founder of Tynrose and formerly associated with, lauded Bleach’s endeavours, stating, “Bleach is revolutionising the way cybersecurity is done for small businesses and startups. It’s a very real pain point for these companies, and Bleach has pioneered a new and unique way to solve cybersecurity issues. This Techstars partnership will increase Bleach’s reach and growth exponentially.”

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