AU10TIX revolutionises ID checks with innovative App launch

AU10TIX revolutionises ID checks with innovative App launch

The global identity verification titan, AU10TIX, is pioneering once again, now venturing into the mobile application market. Known for its dominance in identity verification and management technology, AU10TIX now introduces an innovative solution to help consumer-facing businesses automate and accelerate their identity and age verification processes.

The need for this new product stems from the inadequacy of manual ID checks to effectively identify sophisticated forgeries. Despite being a central element of access control in various industries, human-conducted examinations often fall short, unable to consistently detect high-quality fraudulent IDs. This challenge exposes businesses to significant potential liabilities, especially as it takes considerable effort and time even for trained professionals to identify fakes.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, AU10TIX has been a leading force in the world of identity verification and management technology. The company has developed a suite of modular solutions designed to help businesses link and verify both physical and digital identities. Trusted by major global brands, AU10TIX has been setting industry standards in onboarding and verification automation.

AU10TIX’s latest invention, the AU10TIX App, streamlines the identity verification process. It boasts an impressive verification time of 4-8 seconds for IDs and age documents from around the globe. Besides, the app integrates advanced AI and machine learning technology to eliminate identity fraud risks. It also offers biometric checks, adaptable for every business’s unique process requirements, thereby ensuring compliance with KYC regulations.

Additional details about the product reveal its plug-and-play nature requiring zero setup, user-friendly interface, and customisation options. Furthermore, the app ensures superior fraud detection, reducing reliance on human accuracy. Moreover, it’s flexible enough to be branded according to the specific business requirements, showcasing an additional layer of personalisation.

Beyond its core functionalities, the AU10TIX app supports various customer-facing industries. These include casinos, sporting events, hospitality, pharma and healthcare, education, travel, and delivery, enabling them to strengthen their identity checks and bolster security.

AU10TIX CEO Dan Yerushalmi expressed his firm belief in the new product, saying, “We understand the importance of seamless access control, and are committed to helping our customers keep their business moving. The AU10TIX app enables employees to verify anyone, anywhere, at any time — in a matter of seconds. Organisations no longer need to worry about human error in the ID verification process.”

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