Arctic Intelligence introduces free trial for AML Accelerate platform

Arctic Intelligence introduces free trial for AML Accelerate platform

Arctic Intelligence, a leader in RegTech solutions, has recently unveiled a 14-day obligation-free trial of its acclaimed AML Accelerate platform.

This platform, recognised multiple times for its excellence, offers a comprehensive suite for assessing risks associated with money laundering and terrorism financing. It also aids in the development of robust AML/CTF programs and policies. With this initiative, Arctic Intelligence opens the door for regulated businesses to firsthand experience the ease of identifying, evaluating, and mitigating ML/TF risks without any initial financial commitment.

AML Accelerate stands out by being meticulously tailored for major industry sectors including financial services, gaming, gatekeeper professions (lawyers, accountants, and real-estate agents), and dealers in high-value goods. The platform offers an AML/CTF Program/Policy that is in alignment with the regulations of over 30 countries, promising expansions in the near future.

But what exactly is AML Accelerate? It’s a cloud-based, intelligent solution for businesses to assess ML/TF risks. Crafted by seasoned AML experts, the platform caters to a broad spectrum of over 30 financial and non-financial sectors across 30 countries. Specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in over 200 countries, AML Accelerate is a tool built to ensure compliance with AML/CTF laws.

AML Accelerate simplifies the complex terrain of compliance. Each regulated business faces the daunting task of pinpointing and evaluating their susceptibility to ML/TF risks, followed by developing a robust control framework to mitigate these threats. AML Accelerate streamlines this process, aiding businesses in identifying their vulnerabilities, establishing effective control frameworks, and keeping track of actions, all through an easy-to-navigate platform.

Key features of AML Accelerate include a sophisticated yet intuitive interface for identifying, assessing, mitigating, and managing ML/TF risks. The platform is a beacon for small and medium-sized businesses, offering guidance through a six-step process and enabling the generation of necessary compliance documentation. Moreover, its design emphasises simplicity and cost-effectiveness, with pricing starting at just USD$2,500 annually, representing significant savings in time and financial resources.

Anthony Quinn, CEO and Founder of Arctic Intelligence, emphasises the company’s commitment to equipping businesses to effectively counter financial crime. He said, “Arctic Intelligence is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to combat financial crime effectively. By launching AML Accelerate as a free-trial, we aim to showcase how our multi-award-winning platform can help thousands of regulated entities regardless of their size, industry sector or geography revolutionise their approach to conducting business-wide money laundering risk assessments.”

Arctic Intelligence is not just another RegTech company. It’s an award-winning enterprise specialising in software that aids in auditing, risk, and compliance, particularly concerning financial crime compliance and risk management.

Their platforms are meticulously designed to support regulated businesses of varying scales and sectors in conducting thorough ML/TF risk assessments and in evaluating and enhancing the effectiveness of their controls. They provide bespoke solutions for larger enterprises and consultants, offering flexibility in customising methodologies, risk, and control models to transition from manual to fully automated financial crime risk assessments.

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